Listen to the Man

From my incredibly talented, beautiful friend-Kristen. So good!

Whimsy & Muse

Valentine’s Day is coming and already I’m hearing girls say they plan to dress in black and are angry at this silly, lovey-dovey holiday that ostracizes the single people of the world and “makes” them feel especially lonely. Let’s think about this for a minute… you’re going to intentionally dwell in misery and a bowl of cookie dough because you didn’t get the toy you wanted in your Happy Meal? Nice… that sounds like a really awesome way to spend your day. I wish I could join you… (Maybe for the cookie dough.) As a person who has never received a rose or a romantic dinner or a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, I’m telling you this crappy attitude toward a day that celebrates love (and those people who are celebrating their love) has got to stop. You were made for so much more than selfishly focusing on what you don’t have.

You don’t have to…

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