Another Puritan Prayer

Sometimes, I don’t know what to pray. In those moments, I allow pre-written prayers of saints gone by to minister to my spirit and remind me how to pray.

O Lord,

Whose power is infinite and wisdom infallible, order things that they may neither hinder, nor discourage me, nor prove obstacles to the progress of Your cause.

Stand between me and all strife, that no evil befall, no sin corrupt my gifts, zeal, attainments. May I follow duty and not any foolish device of my own. Permit me not to labour at work which You will not bless, that I may serve You without disgrace or debt.

Let me dwell in Your most secret place under Your shadow, where is safe impenetrable protection from the arrow that flies by day, the pestilence that walks in darkness, the strife of tongues, the malice of ill-will, the hurt of unkind talk, the snares of company, the perils of youth, the temptations of middle life, the moumings of old age, the fear of death.

I am entirely dependent upon You for support, counsel, consolation. Uphold me by Your free Spirit, and may I not think it enough to be preserved from falling, but may I always go forward, always abounding in the work You give me to do. Strengthen me by Your Spirit in my inner self for every purpose of my Christian life.

All my jewels I give to the shadow of the safety that is in You—my name anew in Christ, my body, soul, talents, character, my success, spouse, children, friends, work, my present, my future, my end. Take them, they are Yours, and I am Yours, now and for ever.


Give Journaling a Try!

I met with a dear friend this morning who’s husband is overseas in Germany and they have been separated for FAR TOO LONG! She mentioned how during the stints of time they have to go without ANY communication, she clings to memories, voicemails, old texts, and video messages gone back and forth.

Don’t we all do that? Our hearts love to treasure memories, and our minds need to recount learned truths to ourselves over and over again in times of doubt.

This premise is one of the reasons I advocate SO strongly for journaling about or to God! It allows you the opportunity to look back at your relationship with God and see the times where he was especially sweet, and also the times he felt distant–only to be followed again by a time of nearness.  It shows you the lessons you’ve had to learn time and time again, the prayers he has graciously answered, and the power of being in the Word.

Try writing out your prayers to him, or outlining your prayers each day. Or try journaling ONE take away each time you read the word. Write a poem, or doodle the lyrics or images relating to your favorite song or hymn. There are a million ways to do it; figure out what works for you! Let me know what journaling does in you, and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

(Also, journaling should not trump or replace your time in the Word, but supplement and fortify it :))

Lastly, here’s a little video about my journaling history and habits 🙂

Much Love,


Tips for your Time in the Word

Writing yesterday’s post about my time in the word, inspired me to provide ya’ll with a few more details and helpful tips about my morning routine with God!

I definitely don’t get to do it this thoroughly everyday, or even most days, BUT when I do follow my structure that I talk about below, it is always SO GOOD!

  1. Wake Up Early
    1. I love waking up with enough time to get ready and have breakfast and feel squared away for the day before jumping into time with the Lord. If I feel rushed or preoccupied about whatever-my time with Him in the word is significantly effected.
  2. Start the Process Sooner
    1. It’s helpful when you don’t just all of a sudden sit down and expect to have a beautiful deep communion with the Lord! Work your way into it! Just like if you and I were to meet for coffee, I wouldn’t just ask “So what is the biggest thing you are burdened by right now?” the minute we sat down (well maybe I would-but not usually!). Typically, we would have some “small talk” and preliminary conversation before getting in deep. I like to do the same with the Lord. I often will pray (I have daily prayers posted on my bathroom mirror) or listen to Christian podcasts (Mortification of Spin, Ask Pastor John, The Gospel Coalition, or The Briefing) while I do my hair and make-up to be preparing my heart for time with the Lord. Also (guilty of not doing this)-go to bed at a decent hour so that mornings aren’t so hard 🙂
  3. Pray-before and after
    1. The ONLY way we have any understanding or blessing from being in the Word, is if the Holy Spirit works in us to understand and love it’s pages. We need to remember our dependence on him and thank him for his grace in helping us! If your mind wanders a lot when praying-trying journaling!
    1. How many times have I read something one day, and the next day have NO MEMORY of reading ANYTHING? Toooo many times! The best way I’ve found to prevent that is to always take time to meditate on what I just read. I have to land on a takeaway or an action step or a thing to praise God for anew! This quote is SOOOOO TRUE!

So maybe just try and implement one of these if they are new to you! Don’t overcomplicate it! Just know that spending time with God everyday is going to make you more like him-and that is a WONDERFUL thing! Just aim to get to know him and love him more each time you are in the Word, and remember that it’s not something to dread, but something to delight in!

What are some of your tips/best practices?  What kind of questions do you have about time with the Lord?

Headed to Spain: Meet the Team!

I can hardly believe it! It’s finally here!  Tomorrow I, with a team of 6 others, board a plan to Spain to visit, encourage and help missionaries in Ponferrada!

For those of you who will be keeping tabs on the trip, I thought it’d be nice to introduce to you the group I am going with! I (with guest team bloggers) will be posting daily, and now you’ll have names and faces to go along with all the stories we’ll be telling 🙂

First up- Jon & Lorena Templeton: This is the missionary family with whom we will be staying with in Spain. They both grew up as MK’s, in Spanish speaking countries, came to the states for seminary, and now serve with Baptist Mid-Missions. Check their website out for more wonderful details!

Jon and Lorena

Next on the team, we have Dr. Mark Farnham.  Mark has his PhD in apologetics, taught Jon and Lorena in seminary, currently works at Lancaster Bible College in the Pastoral Ministry Department, and is a passionate, brilliant, humorous man! He has organized this entire trip, and has lead & developed the team marvelously. Unfortunately for us, some serious, last minute family health concerns has caused him to not be able to travel with us to Spain. As heartbroken as we are, we know that we serve and trust a good and sovereign King who has everything under control.

Mark and ad

Next we have Jeremy & Svatia Mueller. These two strong, brilliant, hysterical people are passionate about missions and youths and are going to be wonderful additions to our team! Jeremy is an LBC grad, and is starting his second year of seminary at Gordon-Conwell in the fall! Svatia is from the Czech Republic and met (and fell in love with) her now husband through serving at English Summer Camps together. She is a spitfire, and I am pumped to have them both with us on this trip!

Jeremy and Svatia

Next up we have Nathan Staherski, an Education Major at LBC. We are fortunate to have him on this trip for many reasons, one of which is the fact that being from Costa Rico means that he is fluent in Spanish! I for one, am very excited to have him be able to interact and communicate with the unsaved Spaniards in ways that the rest of us are simply not as equipped to. What a blessing that’ll be!

Nate S

Next up we have Chris Crosdale-a recent graduate from LBC from our Communication Department. To know Chris is to love him! He is encouraging, creative, fun, and insightful! Check out his newly launched website to see some of that displayed on your computer screen!


Next up, is Mr. Garrett Plitt-a hard working, and responsible young man studying to be a pastor at LBC. Garrett has been looking forward to this trip for over a year now, as he committed go going last fall! This will be his first time out of the country, and I am excited to see how God uses this trip to shape his ministry in the future!


Our last team member is Kiersten Hatch, a freshman studying counseling at LBC. I have been so incredibly impressed with this young woman’s work ethic, depth of mind and spirit, and vivaciousness for life and the people of Spain. She has, with gusto, been practicing her Spanish every chance she gets, and is going to be an incredible part of this journey, of this I am sure!


Oh, and there is me, of course! I feel like if you’re reading this blog, you probably already know me…but just in case, hi my name is Betty Pompell! I’m the one with the amazing opportunity to lead this team of young people to Spain. I get to be the one who encourages them and processes the events of each day with them, and I am so blessed to be going! My day job is doing a similar thing, but instead of with a team to Spain, it’s normally with middle school and high school girls in Pequea Valley. Feel free to read about it here or here!


Thanks for your care, prayer, and support! We are beyond excited for this trip! Please pray for our preparation time, and our travels the next two days.  We look forward to updating you soon! 🙂 Soli Deo Gloria!

When They are Hard to Love


For the family member that purposefully pushes each of your buttons.

For the broken friend that speaks harshly in every circumstance.

For the co-worker who irks you.

For the neighbor you try to ignore.

For the person you struggle to love.


Pray for them over and over and over again. Pray for their day and their heart and their circumstance.  Pray for their joy, their holiness, their faith. Pray for God to give you His eyes to see them, and His heart to love them.

Prayer may change them, but it will absolutely change you.