When I was a little girl, Disney’s Pocahontas came out on VHS and I was very excited to watch it. I haven’t really changed much over the years, so just imagine me…shrunk down about foot, makeupless, and with an insatiable amount of energy! I couldn’t wait to paint with all the colors of the wind! Unfortunately for me at the time, my mother had heard of the movie’s “love story” intertwined with the plot and forbade me to watch it. She told me that it was not an accurate portrayal of John Smith and Pocahontas’ relationship, and that if I wanted to watch it I had to read a real account of the story. Of course, I refused be the only 3rd grader not knowing what’s around the river bend, so I found a book from our local library and reported back to my mother what I read.


This was not a rare occurrence. If I wanted a later bedtime I had to write a persuasive essay explaining the benefits of an extra hour of productivity. Though I hated it then, I love it now. I think that kick started my passion for research and learning. I’m a little bit of a nerd in this regard. Before I see a movie I love to research its historical context and background and usually take notes while I watch it later. I research anything and everything-from a first date on a motorcycle, to how to make my hair grow, not many days pass where I don’t search the World Wide Web to temporarily satisfy my unquenchable thirst for information. And for this-I just wanna say-thanks Ma!