T-Four-Eight Fitness


So, in a comedic recent turn of events, the Lord has been steadfastly putting people into my life who are looking for “fitness accountability”.

I love it!

I’ve worked with a dear friend the past year in establishing better eating habits and workouts-and she’s lost 40 lbs! I’m helping a bride, 6 months from her wedding day, feel healthy and disciplined! And I have a few ladies join me at a local gym at 5:30 in the mornings to get our workouts out of the way!

Now here me, I’m in NO way an expert on nutrition, body building, or fitness. I’m not a superb example of perfect eating habits (I can eat my body weight in chips and salsa, and don’t even begin to talk to me about Moose Tracks ice cream) and I don’t expect perfection from myself AT ALL concerning working out-because, frankly, sometimes, I’d rather sleep. But I do know for sure that I feel SO MUCH better when I’m active, and eating more good things than bad things. I know that I love routine and structure, and the endorphins that a good work out produces. I know I  am more apt to stick to a plan that’s concrete and involves others. I know I want to have a healthy strong body that can serve God with gusto for as long as He has me on this earth to serve. And lastly, I know that I am passionate about obeying God’s word concerning caring for our bodies & souls.

That leads me to the point of this post. My “fitness accountability” for myself and others revolves around this verse: 1 Timothy 4:8

I  care more about how much time you’ve spent in the word, than how much time you spent on the elliptical.

I happier about your decision to consecrate time to pray or fast, than your decision to say no to that 3rd slice of pizza or your new 3 minute plank record (though both are super impressive).

If you work out 5 days a week, but only read your Bible once-I’m not a happy fitness accountability coach/partner/friend, because-1 Tim. 4:8 is my jam!

So…yeah…that’s my two sense on that!



I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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