One of my favorite things to remind myself,(because boy do I need this reminder!)  is to live life with intentionality. While I watch movies, while I interact with strangers, while I go about my daily routines, it is necessary to be intentional. Though quite easy to turn my mind off and simply “coast” through the mundane, God is far more pleased when my mind is on HIM and am able to integrate His thoughts, preferences, and opinions in everything I do.  This is not easy. It takes time to re-train my mind to default to depth and flee from mindless meandering.  And it is a cycle of success and failure!

So, here are some of the questions I ask myself to check my heart and motives.

Betty’s Introspective Questions

  1. Am I maximizing my season of singleness, or am I wasting it away with discontentment?
  2. In the movies I watch-what things were displayed as good/acceptable, that are actually sin? And how would I bring Christ into the character’s situations?
  3. Do I truly believe that God desire is not just for my holiness, but also for my happiness?
  4. Am I in contact with unbelievers who know about the joy that is within me?
  5. Do I read in the morning with an understanding that through my time in the Word I have the opportunity to know Christ more intimately, or do I do it out of habit?
  6. Is my desire to exercise rooted in pride and narcissism or a beautiful desire to strengthen my body for God’s service and his glory.
  7. Do I eat healthy so as to not gain weight, or to be a good steward of the temple God has given me?
  8. Are my prayers just me “venting” to God, or do I believe in it’s power and realize what a gift it is to be in his presence?
  9. Do I attend church as a social function or to grow in the knowledge and love of Christ and his bride?

Take some time today to right down some personal questions you need to be asking yourself. It looks different for everyone! You know your strengths, weaknesses, and temptations-jot a list down accordingly!