-Better Blogs-

I mean, the title is kind of self explanatory, but  just to clarify-this is a list of a few blogs that I find especially fantastic and very much worth your time in reading! Enjoy! 🙂

First up is Mr. Tim Challies. If you need a good book review, a thought provoking question on the “norms” of life, or quotes from awesome old-dead theologians, challies.com is the place to be! (I am a quote junkie-so his “A la Carte” really hits the spot!)


The next Tim, is Tim Keller. If you ever are at a bookstore and you are holding a book authored by Tim Keller in your hand-don’t bother flipping through the pages, reading reviews, or asking around about it-JUST BUY IT! I’m quite a fan, and here is his blog:


I started reading this next blogger because of our shared passion for adoption-and now I am hooked on him! I’m always encouraged and impressed with Moore’s outlook on life.


I think Jen is an amazing writer! I love her diction and sense of humor; I would love to be more like her!


Another amazing writer and godly example of femininity here:


Next is the Gospel Coalition and the Resurgence websites. These I use anytime I want a theological standpoint/view on a particular topic. They are also a great way just to start my day!



This is my dear, sweet, friend and sister Sophie’s blog! She is gifted in so many ways! As a writer, an artist, and encourager! Definitely check her out!



I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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