You are the Answer to a Gypsy’s Prayer

Last night at our Spring Banquet, I sang a song from Disney’s 1996 animated film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In it, a gypsy shunned and rejected from society, prays to God asking him to help people like her (and Quasimodo the hunchback) since they have it so rough in this life. She asks for mercy to be shown, and for life’s purposes to be revealed to them.

Here’s the thing, believers–WE ARE THE ANSWER TO HER PRAYERS. As the hands and feet of Jesus Christ WE are to be the ones showing mercy, and explaining beautiful truths to EVERYONE. WE are the ones who are to show people love and value and grace-especially the kinds of people that Christ himself dedicated most of his earthly ministry to-the outcasts.

My New Job! Wanna help?

I’ve had some people ask about my new job, wanting to better understand what I’m getting myself into…

And I’d LOVE to tell you!!!

The Factory Ministries is a non-profit organization out of Paradise PA, working to help people in poverty (whether that be spiritual, emotional, relational, intellectual, financial, or physical poverty!). So we have social workers, and ALL sorts of resources and classes  to help people change, develop, and grow. We have classes on financial responsibility, Spirituality 101, Parenting, Zumba, a food bank, etc., etc., etc. AND we also have a Youth Center.

That’s where I come in!

Each Thursday, we have about 60 middle school and high school students come to our youth center, hang out (pool table, basketball court, gaga, videogames, art room,etc.), eat a free meal (provided by a local church) and hear the gospel. As the Director of the Youth Center I get to develop programs for the teens, and pour into our volunteer staff. We aim to love and serve the teens in whatever ways we can and build bridges into their lives for the gospel to travel over!

Here’s an e-mail I sent to our Thursday night volunteers:

Hello Team!

Tonight we have another opportunity to impact lives of the students God brings through our doors. It makes me think of this question:
What difference does knowing Jesus bring to our lives? 
Knowing Jesus brings us the comfort of the Holy Spirit, the knowledge that we have no fear in death, and it gives us purpose in this life. Knowing Jesus absolves us from drowning in guilt, or in the meaninglessness of seeking satisfaction in things like wealth or fame. Knowing Jesus gives us strength to handle every difficulty and shows us our great value and worth.
We have all these things and MORE in Christ!
So many of our teens are hurting and lost, and because God in his grace has open our eyes to truth-WE have the Holy Spirit within us that can guide us to love them well. So my prayer for us all tonight is that we love students the way Christ loved people when he walked on this earth, and that God would continue to soften the hearts of the teens so that they will come to know Jesus like we do! 🙂
Remember to be intentional about spreading ourselves out among the teens, and look forward all the more to spending time together as leaders at RED ROBIN tonight after Factory!
Thanks for all you do!
So that’s my job in a nutshell. Besides running the youth center, I also spend quite a bit of time one-on-one with girls, helping them with whatever’s going on in life-from boy trouble to college visits, and I get to be in their local middle and high school a lot as well!
SHAMELESS PLUG: So, if you are local and available most Thursday nights , want to work with an AWESOME team of volunteers, don’t mind working with me, and don’t mind teens who curse like sailors but are HYSTERICAL and a blast to be around… I’d LOVE to talk to you about volunteering at the Youth Center! You can hmu or fill out this form, and I’ll connect with you soon!