Apostle Paul Made Me Laugh this Morning

I just finished reading the book of Acts. Take a minute real quick and read chapter 26.

Okay. Did you read it? Good. Did you crack up at verse 29 like I did? Maybe that’s just me! Because to me, it went something like this:

Paul (who in my mind looks like strangely like Gandalf the Grey) finishes sharing his conversion story and following, and shares a taste of the gospel. It’s beautiful, it’s profound, and it’s compelling.


Loud, fat ol’ Festus recognizes the brilliant mind that Paul has but makes fun of him, saying he’s probably just thought too hard for too long and gone bat crazy.

King Agrippa on the other hand is impressed and drawn to Paul, and responds, “Wow, Paul, you’ve only spoke for a few minutes and I’m already almost convinced of this whole “Christianity” thing.

Paul then responds-“That would be wonderful! That is exactly what I want! Whether it takes me minutes, or hours, or days, or years-I want you all to be just like me!”

Then he looks down at himself.

“Well…except for the chains of course. “

“Yeah, you guys can do without the chains.”

And it just made me giggle! Maybe Paul wasn’t being funny, and that’s okay! I know that that is not the point of the passage! But I do like it when I am reminded of the simple truth that God created comedy, and humor, and little giggles, and side splitting laughter. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that God is witty, and funny, and the most hysterical being in the universe. I love that we can laugh with our God. It’s not His most important attribute, but it is just as perfect as all His other attributes and should lead us to worship Him.

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