A New Adventure: Cross Country Coaching

My heart is incredibly full right now. And much of that is due to the fact that it is preseason, and God has given me the awesome privilege of being the Assistant Coach for Lancaster Bible College’s Men’s and Women’s Cross Country teams.

I love running. I get giddy when my Runner’s World magazine comes in the mail. I try to convince all my friends to meet me to run together. I love waking up just before the sun to run in the cool, early mornings.

And I love Lancaster Bible College students. I look forward to filling my schedule with lunch appointments and coffee dates to hear about all that God is teaching them through class and chapels. Pride wells up in me throughout the school year as I watch them flourish in sports, music, and campus leadership. I love scrolling through social media and seeing their joy in their LBC experiences.

And God, in His perfect timing and grace, chose to unite both of those passions this season.

Charger Cross Country

I have the joy of working with a head coach who deeply loves the Lord, his family, running, and discipleship. Coach Hamm is knowledgeable, personable, and incredibly hard-working.

The runners are each a gift from God. Below are the notes I took during our brainstorming session earlier this week. These were their responses when asked, “What do you want Cross Country to be this year?”

Team Brainstorm 2015

They don’t want to complain, or compare themselves to others. They want to be known for their God honoring attitudes and work ethics. They want to represent Christ to the teams we compete against, and to each other at every practice and meet. They want to improve. To set goals. To see progess. To push themselves and each other in a healthy, encouraging way. They want to integrate glorifying God through our sport in everything, finding spiritual parallels everywhere they look. They want to be holisticaly healthy in their running, stretching, eating, and sleeping. They want to care for each other well, hold each accountable, and spend time together.

I am beyond excited for this season, and this team that God has brought together.

Soli Deo Gloria

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How to Run-A Beginner’s Guide

After my last blog post on running, I had a reader-miss lucillethebrave1- comment and ask, “How did you get to a point of being able to run for more than 3 minutes and work your way up?”

Well, that is a great question!

The simply answer is: I just kept running.

Need A Little Motivation? : theBERRY

The more you run, the better you will get at running. In a way-that’s all there is.

But additionally I was fortunate to have a patient, dear, athletic friend the spring semester of my freshmen year in college, believe in me. Kristina was a star on our girl’s soccer team, and a beautiful, bubbily, brunet, Jesus-loving freshman as well. At some point while we were hanging out, I voiced how I wished that I could run-but alas, I couldn’t even run a mile. Kristina-in an excited, joyful spirit told me, “Of course you can!”.

“No Kristina, really. I can’t. I tried last semester, and didn’t last over 3 minutes.”

She was not shaken, “No, Betty, I am SURE you can do it! I could do it with you! I will literally run beside you the entire time, and together you will run a mile.”

And for some reason, I was up for the challenge. I put on the gear and met her outside just a few days later. She set some ground rules, the primary one being: do not stop running.

“I don’t care how slowly we run, Betty-we are running an entire mile”.

And so we did. Off we went and she coached me the entire 15-20 minute jog. She told me not to clench my fists, to lean into the hills, to open my stride on the way down the hills. And though by the end of the mile my lungs were on fire, I was short of breath, and I thought I might hurl-I ran a mile.

I could do it.

And so I kept doing it. I kept running, and it kept getting easier. I kept running and I kept getting faster. I kept running, and soreness decreased and my endurance increased. In fact, yesterday I ran the longest distance I’ve ever run before-18 miles. And I didn’t stop. And I didn’t clench my fists, and I leaned into the hills, and I opened up my stride on the way down the hills. Thanks very much to Kristina Clairmont who took the time to joyfully believe in me, and run the slowest mile of her life-but the first mile of my life.

The Skinny Ms. Running Program for Beginners will help you take baby steps toward reaching your goals.

So, lucillethebrave1-my suggestion to you is to run with a (patient and kind) runner friend if you have one. And if you don’t have that luxury-that’s okay too, just run. Run as long and as far as you can today, and then tomorrow-run longer and farther. You might not like it right away, but don’t give up! You’ll soon find joy in your runs-in the music, in the great outdoors, in the time to clear your mind and refresh your body.

#Scripture                                  let us run with perseverence...Hebrews 12:1-2

Free printable of Isaiah 40:31 Bible verse:  "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." (KJV)   (pink, green, and aqua floral)

Wait…I’m a Runner? When Did That Happen?

This morning was a pretty typical Tuesday. I woke up around 5:00am, picked up my friend Kelly on my way to the gym, we ran 7 hilly miles on the elliptical, stretched, chatted, stopped at Dunkin Doughnuts for coffee <3, and went back to our homes to get ready for our days.

And I love it.

I love starting my mornings early.

I love running.

(I love DD’s.) 

But today it kind of hit me, how much I delight in this training schedule I’m doing. I’m prepping for a half marathon in early March, and a full in late April, and I’m tickled by all of it.


Betty Pompell?

Likes running?

Are you as shocked as I am?

I remember a time I couldn’t run for more than 3 minutes (that is not a joke, I really couldn’t! Carrissa Oakes is my witness!). I remember a time I would have rather go down a sandpaper slide than run a mile! So how/when/why I am so pumped now to get miles under my shoes and get into that rhythm on the pavement?

Oh. That is a genuine question. I don’t really have an answer to it. I just know that I do.

And I know this: I am thankful for each opportunity I get to run. I am thankful to God, knowing that HE is the one that sustains my health and gives me the ability to wake up in the mornings, and move throughout the trail. HE is the one that keeps my feet under me and blesses me at the end of each run with endorphins and the mind and ability to stretch. HE created this beautiful world to enjoy the scenery during an outside jog. HE gave me eyes to see this world-and even its colors! HE brilliantly created technology and electronics for my days on the treadmill. It’s only because of HIS grace that I have two working ears and can hear beautiful melody lines and awesome rhythmic masterpiece on my phone while I run. And it is only because of HIM that I can experience the joy that it is to see and worship HIM, the source and sustainer of all these magnificent things!

So whether you love to run or hate to run or fall somewhere in between-you have to admit that we serve a pretty awesome God. Maybe take some time today and think about something you find happiness in, and brainstorm all the ways that God is actually responsible for that happiness. Leave me a comment below on what you come up with! I’d love to see your thoughts!

Healthy Body-Healthy Betty!

I love improving!

Really in anything! Intellectually through classes, seminars, or conferences. Socially-through meeting new people. I love trying new things! Growing as a musician, constructive criticism through a friend. I love reviews at work-so I can know areas that I need improvement in! I like growing, and learning, and being better! I never want to stop!

Another way that I constantly want to get better and better is in my physical health. Not to “lose weight”, “be hot!” or “get thin”-those aren’t my goals! But simply to have the healthiest body I can have for the glory of God. To be able to serve Him and long as possible! If He calls me to build houses in Ecuador when I’m 60-I want to do everything I can NOW, to make sure I’m ready then!!

So, in the spirit of the new year, here are my health related things I want to work on:

  • Be consistent in cutting out coffee drinks that are loaded with sugar (chai chargers/caramel macchiatos are the death of me!)
  • Eat more natural foods and less processed foods!
  • I want to be able to do pull-ups!  (I got a pull-up bar for Christmas!)
  • Do CARDIO (spin class!) three times a week
    • I LOVE weight lifting and strength training-so I normally just do that! Cardio is a challenge for me to do! Below is a picture of me before doing a glow in the dark 5K…there isn’t a picture afterwards because I felt awful -I hadn’t run 5k is FAR too long!

    Oh! And this is me after my Spartan Race last year! Super fun! Jumping over walls and under ropes for 5k is much more enjoyable than just a regular ol’ trail!


So that’s me! Nothing too earth shattering here-just a few simple things I want to do to be improving all the time. And if I do keep adding little good things all the time, and taking away little bad things all the time, I figure that is a really good thing! (Also, I’m up to 2 pullups! ;))

P.S. I have a “gym buddy”, and that is seriously one the best things I have ever done for my workout! Accountability is KEY!

P.P.S. Always keep your heart and mind focused and the right purposes and reasons for being healthy and working out!