Mission Statement

I love mission statements! I think everyone should have one! They are always being tweaked as you travel though different stages of life, but here is mine for now:

MISSION: Guiding young women into holiness, and promoting the importance of biblical higher education.

PHILOSOPHY: The first part of my mission is to be constantly involved in mentoring women younger than me, encouraging the pursuit of a holy lifestyle and a pure consecrated mind. The second, I feel passionately about educating young men and women to think through the lens of Scripture. Before sending them in into their vocations, there needs to be a focus of preparing them to articulate the gospel in word and deed to all they come in contact with.


Joy-I truly believe my positive disposition is a gift from the Lord. I think He has given me the ability to see all silver linings, and have true joy even in the midst of heart ache. No matter how many things are going wrong, there are still things that are going or can go right. I pray this joy is contagious and reflects the joy of the Father.

Speaking-I love being in front of people. Whether that is class presentation, talent show, or missions trip summary, I receive energy from a crowd listening to me. And with the privilege to talk to teenagers about the blessing of a biblical higher education, I feel very fulfilled.

Encouragement– I think it I very easy to see good in people. Even in unbelievers I can see how they are made in the image and likeness of God. It is a privilege in my life to be able to call out those positive things I see in people and encourage them.

Serving/Hosting-Joy floods me when I can make someone feel at home. Brew them a cup of joe, or serve them hot dinner-I take delight in the gift of hospitality.


I think it is of great benefit to evaluate your mission, philosophy, and spirit gifting every once in a while! I hope you are able to take some time to do this for yourself, you job, or maybe your family! Blessings on you! 🙂