What Old Bay Teaches Us About God

Since I was raised in Maryland, I am firm believer in the transforming power that Old Bay seasoning has on food.  So much so, that every wedding I go to, I include a box of it in my gift with three wonderfully cheesy reminders:


Recently I came across this clever post about Old Bay by Dan Oshinsky: http://www.buzzfeed.com/danoshinsky/old-bay-seasoning-is-a-gift-from-the-gods . This guy’s opinion of Old Bay is spot on, but his theology is waaaaay off. He says:

“If there is a God, Old Bay is proof that God obviously spent his/her formative years somewhere near the Chesapeake Bay.”

And to that, I would say:

Well sir, there is a God. He is awesome. He had no formative years because (I know this is mind blowing) He is eternal. He transcends time. He always has been. He always will be. There was no beginning and there’ll be no end. He’s God, and He’s remarkable like that.  Oh, and about Him being near the Chesapeake-you got that sort of correct! Because He’s also omnipresent! This is another really cool thing about Him-He is absolutely everywhere all the time. I know it’s hard/weird for our human minds to get how that is possible. But He is God and sooo not like us in so many ways-and that’s a good thing.

But you are right that Old Bay does show us some things about God! It shows us that he is INCREDIBLY GRACIOUS, and AWE-INSPIRINGLY CREATIVE.  Gracious in the sense that when He created us, He didn’t have to give us taste buds. We would have been completely fine without them; food could have been solely for nourishment and without delight and we wouldn’t have known any better. BUT instead, He is so kind, and loving, and gracious that he gave us the ability to taste and enjoy! Just because!

And I say it shows His amazing creativity because when making taste buds, He could have made it so that we taste one or two sort of taste. Good or bad. Sweet or salty. Spicy or tangy. That’s it. But no. He gave us the ability to taste it all. We can taste over a hundred flavors of ice cream, dozens of types of hot sauce, countless varying  spices like cinnamon, cumin, and cayenne pepper, amazing herbs like basil, rosemary, and my personal favorite-cilantro! Every country in the world brings out different flavors to foods that we get to enjoy! In America we enjoy root beer floats, apple pies, barbecue ribs, grits, green bean casserole, and of course, Old Bay Crabs. And our pallets are sure to break out in a song and dance number when we get to eat different things like Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Irish, and English dishes!

Isn’t our Creator awesome?

And if that God is so gracious and kindly creative, don’t you want to get to know Him? Don’t you wonder what else He is like? Because you don’t have to wonder! He has given so many answers in a book all about Him, called the Bible. I know you’ve heard about it! Well next time you are so pumped and excited and overwhelmed because of the awesomeness of something in His creation as small and insignificant as a seasoning-I hope it leads you to deeper seeking to know the happy, holy, just, perfect, kind, brilliant, sovereign being behind life’s little gifts like Old Bay. 🙂


A Shout Out to God!

Psalm 8

I think we can all agree that LIGHTNING BUGS are by far, the best insect on planet earth.

Most bugs freak me out. Stink Bugs? Eww. Spiders? Eek! Bees? Ahh! Centipedes? AHHHH! Cockroaches? WAAAAAHHHHH! All my hairs stand on end, my heart starts to pound, and I make a mad dash to the nearest flip-flop.

But lightning bugs? I have loved these little creatures of the night for as long as I can remember. Where I am from, there were two types of children when it came to dealing with fireflies. You either watched them with wonder in your eyes and a smile on your face as they lit up your gently cusped hands OR you smeared their glowing guts on the side of the nearest building. But no matter which way you showed your affection for them-it was clear, they were nothing to be afraid of!

And I was thinking the other night, how I would feel about these bugs if God had designed them a little differently? Can you imagine! What if they bit? Or they had a poisonous stinger? Or an annoying buzzing sound? Or they tried to crawl in your ear in the middle of the night and plant eggs in your brain?!

Okay…maybe that was a bit too much. I’m just saying, God was a very gracious, intelligent designer when he made these harmless glowing insects. And I for one, would just like to thank God for his kindness. Next time you catch one of these sweet creatures-you should thank him too.

A Short Weather Thought!

I don’t know if it’s pouring where you are at, but here in Lancaster it is raining cats and dogs!

Which makes me think…

Every aspect of creation should cause us to rejoice in and praise our creative God! So whether you experience a peaceful sunsets or a stormy gale, know that the same God that crafts the weather is intentionally crafting YOUR life and future! He creates and allows both the bright spring evenings and the dark winter mornings. See him in every circumstance. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight”! Prov. 3:5-6

Summer and Winter

He who complains of the weather, complains of the God who ordained the weather!

-William Law