Instead of HIMYM

I know it’s not always good–but I really like multi-tasking. Nothing crazy, just stuff like scrolling through Pinterest while brushing my teeth, listening to podcasts while doing my hair, watching Netflix while I do laundry, etc. etc. Last night I was making myself dinner and needed to tidy up my apartment a bit, and I decided that while I did that I would play a few episodes of “How I Met Your Mother”. BUT instead of doing that, I remember I wanted to watch a message by Ben Stuart (my new pastor obsession) and so I decided to do that first.


I was encouraged and challenged and entertained. My spirit was filled instead of numbed.

Encouragement for you today? Next time you want some “background noise” try playing a sermon and redeem that time. Let me know if you need sermon suggestions-I have quite a few 🙂

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