Redeeming Love & Thankfulness

Yesterday, from 3-10pm I read the book “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers. During that 7 hour period I cried, punched the book (freakin’ Paul), and audibly told Angel how wrong her thinking was!

My boyfriend mailed me the book as a surprise for me to read during his deployment. He gets home in 2 weeks and I am even more drawn to him now, knowing how much he loved this book and aspires to be a “Michael”.

As I drove to my Monday Morning Meeting with my boss, I was praying to God about the book. Processing and reflecting about what I read, felt, and know to be true. One thing that came up in our conversation was how thankful I am for the gift of reading. He created language- the ability to be spoken and written. He created storytelling to be emotive and powerfully effective in conveying truth. He allowed me to be born in America in the 20th century where people (and even women!) are given the opportunity to learn how to read and write-a privilege many people (especially women) have not known.

Reading Redeeming Love made me thankful for a whole host of things–maybe that’ll be another blog post-but among the things I thank God for is stories and the ability to read. What’s something you have thanked God for recently?

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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