Fiercely Independent Dependent

My office is wonderfully obsessed with personality tests. Myers Briggs, DISC Profiles, and Strengths Finders jargon is a normal part of our conversations, and thusly knowing each other fairy well is a neat part of our office dynamic.

My co-worker who knows me the most, and who is incredibly perceptive and analytical said of me yesterday over lunch, “Betty is the most independent extroverts I know. She loves people, but I am often surprised at how frequently she does not need or want them in various situations”. (Something like that, I didn’t get the exact quote :)).

I looked over to my boss and grinned. “Fiercely Independent” is a term we’ve said about me more than a couple times. It can be a great thing. Though I love, love, love people and being around them– I don’t mind working alone, and am happy to be a one woman show. I like solving problems solo and traveling solo and living solo. But I was reflecting on it while journaling last night (I will post about journaling soon, Kim! :)) and I saw a lot of pride in myself.


I hate pride.

I recognized that not only do I sometimes pride myself in “not needin’ nobody” but also in depending on ME to make things happen or get things done.

I don’t want to be like that.

I want to be wholly and completely dependent on the only one who can actually do anything about anything. I want to live like He is the source of every good thing that happens in my life and that I have him to cast my cares upon. Because, newsflash: he is! I want my prayer life to be reflective of the reality that I can do nothing good apart from God’s grace in my life

So today my prayer for myself and my challenge to you is to be more intentional about recognizing God’s power in every circumstance, and our need for Him. I’ll be turning off my car radio today and spending that time in prayer-for the “little things” that I usually do on my own, and to acknowledge my dependence on His grace in everything.


I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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