Happy Birthday, Dad!


Some call him Mr. Bob. His mom, usually scolding/teasing him, calls him Bobby Lee. The kids at camp (and his best friend :)) call him “Beautiful Bob”. During Christmastime he’s known around Hagerstown as “Santa Bob”. But to me, I’m the lucky one-because I get to call him Dad.

Through adoption, Dad rescued me from so much evil-an abusing earthly father, an abusing half-brother, and a world of neglect. Dad showed me so much attention and love and care. He punished me in love, for my betterment, he taught me how to cook and he taught me how to clean.  He took me on dates and was always my valentine (though Mom’s presents were always the biggest!). He found what I loved (music) and took me out coffee houses & record stores, he spent time with me at the grocery store or at counseling, or by taking me to practices, or accompanying me on my first missions trip. He was at every concert.

He makes me laugh and is SO proud of me. He makes me little gifts to encourage me-and he always believes in me. He always PROTECTS me, and reminds me constantly of the wondrousness of our God. He apologizes quickly anytime he is wrong, and I know he wants the absolute best for me.  He serves his church faithfully, and loves mom so steadfastly. He knows my weaknesses, and addresses my sins, but he constantly reminds me of how thankful he is to God for giving me to him as his daughter.

Now, just as a disclaimer-he is NOT perfect! He does get grouchy sometimes, and can exaggerate how long he’s been waiting in the car for you after practice sometimes too-but for the most part-he’s pretty close to perfect 😉 I know I wouldn’t be who I am today without him.

Having him as my dad is one of God’s greatest gifts in my life.

Happy Birthday, Dad 🙂


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