Breakups Suck & God is Good


After 6 months of dating, my boyfriend and I broke up on account of differing priorities in what we want a marriage relationship to look like.

And it sucks.

It sucks to invest deeply, and care deeply–only to not be allowed to do those things anymore.

It sucks to have hopes and dreams for a future, and have them punted to God only knows when, where, and with whom.

It sucks to really like/respect/admire/learn from/enjoy someone, but for that to not be enough for God to bring peace in staying together.

It sucks to have grown accustomed to having a deep friendship in your life, and need to now grow accustomed to being completely without them.

Have I mentioned that it just sucks?

I had a headache from crying. I didn’t have an appetite. I have been mourning a great loss, and I am disappointed that God’s will for our dating relationship didn’t end in “I do”.


But I also know that God doesn’t waste ANYTHING-and He has countless purposes for our relationship-from start to finish. He taught us so much, and HE KNOWS what is best for us and works on our behalf! AND He also “comforts us in our affliction, so that we can comfort others” (2 Cor. 1:4).  So I am sure that he has plans for us both to better minister to others, because of the pain in breaking up.

But I also know that “there are no disappointments for those whose will is buried in the will of God” and that”God answers our prayers exactly the way we would if we knew everything God knows“–and I have to REST & TRUST that ALL OF THIS is best for us & for our ultimate good, because our Good Father brought it to pass.

But I also know that our dating relationship was a SUCCESS! My goals were to grow in sanctification, to be pure, and to figure out if we’re to wed–and we did ALL those things! Check. Check. Check. Praise the Lord!!

Breakups are a unique kind of awful. Even for two people genuinely praying “thy will be done”, and trusting a kind and sovereign King–it’s hard. But in the midst of the hard, I am so thankful that we can rest our heads on the pillow of God’s power and perfection, trust that He works all things together for our good (Rom. 8:28) and that God’s loving purpose for our lives will prevail (Prov. 19:21). And no matter your trial-whether loneliness, sickness, infertility, a past that haunts you, or fear that cripples you-these truths prevail: God is good. He is working on your behalf. He works all things together for your good. His will is best. He is trustworthy. He is the healer. He is the comforter. He is the redeemer. He loves you deeply.


Thanks for reading.

With Love,



3 thoughts on “Breakups Suck & God is Good

  1. Maddie says:

    Thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry. That’s REALLY hard. But I’m encouraged by the way you’re looking at it though—from faith. Yes, God is good, and he works all things for the good of his children, even though many of those things are painful and messy and downright miserable sometimes.

    God bless,

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