Update from Spain: Day Four

Wow! I think today was one of my favorite days of the trips so far.  We were able to meet and interact with a lot of wonderful spaniards today, in a lot of different ways.

Jon is volunteering at an addictions rehab center, and we went first to hear about the establishment and the (amazing!) work that it is doing in the community with addicts of all kinds. Unfortunately, from our perspective, it is not the best it can be, because they don’t incorporate faith in Jesus at all into their teaching. Good thing God has given Jon an open door there!

After the low-down, we spent the afternoon hanging out with the people of the rehab center. We made and ate lunch, played futbal and frisbee, and took a walk/hike/run of about 4 kilometers.  Later that night we went out with 2 other Spanish adults, and 3 Spanish teenagers to different “bars” and ordered nonalcoholic drinks and were served [FREE] appetizers. This is a very common evening activity to do in Spain, and after doing it and having such a blast, we can see why. The appetizer things (tapas) served to us were all sorts of foods-some of which we’ve had before (calamari, bread, mussels) and others which we had never had (pig ears (see below), and a bunch that I don’t know what they were called :))


The conversations today, despite some language barriers, were highlights for sure! We’ve found that the Spaniards we have been able to talk to, are very open about their faith (or more correctly, about their unbelief) and are very willing to kindly listen about our passion-the God of the Bible.

I could type SO much more about today-but it’s late, and I am eager to sleep. Also, we are waking up very early tomorrow for a nice 3 hour hike up a mountain :). I am sorry if this is a bit disheveled; I blame the late hour!

Please continue to pray for good health, and encouragement to our team and to the missionaries we came here to support. Also pray for good conversations and relationships to grow for the Tempeltons and our team.

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