Update from Spain: Day One

Our flights landed in Madrid early this morning, where our missionary (and now friend) Jon Tempelton picked us up. Fortunately, most of us were able to grab some very delicious”cafe con leche” in the airport before packing into the 9 passenger van. Spain’s coffee es muy deliciouso!


Many of the team only got a few hours of sleep on the overnight flight before, and the battle with jet lag during the 4+ hour drive to Jon’s home was a tough one. We will all sleep VERY well tonight.

During the drive, and during a short “orientation time” at his home Jon taught us a bit about the Spanish culture we were now absorbed in. He told the ladies to always expect 2 kisses when meeting gentlemen, that coffee shops are called bars (it’s funny to hear his 4 year old daughter tell us how much she loves it when daddy takes her to bars!) , and to not believe all the stereotypes you believe about Spaniards. He also articulated the importance of not being time driven, and how their relationship culture has an unwritten “no anxiety” policy. He told us about how he became passionate about Spain-the least evangelized Spanish speaking country in the world, and about the ministry opportunities God has been giving his team.

After meeting Lorena, and getting settled into their home, we walked around the town, interacting with the locals, and enjoying the PERFECT weather.


Around 8:00 we had a dinner of cheese, tuna-vegetable-potato salad goodness, tomatoes, and chocolate chip cookies :). We cleaned up together and spent more time hearing from and encouraging Jon and Lorena before heading to bed. Tomorrow we will join them and their other 2 team members for “house church”, as they are seeking to start a church plant in their town of 80,000+.  We will also listen to a lecture on cultural acquisition and tour the city of Molinaseca. While sight seeing our team will be not only looking for opportunities to interact with Spaniards, to help Jon and his team in building relationships, be we also will be striving to see deeper things than surface level observations about the culture. Knowing these deeper aspects of their culture is what will help us understand how to best spiritually engage spaniards with the glorious news of the gospel.

Please pray for our team to quickly recover from jetlag so as to most effectively interact with the Tempeltons and their friends with the gospel. Pray for good conversations with the many unsaved people we are going to meet and hang out with. Pray we deeply encourage and bless Jon & his team!


Betty, for the Team 🙂

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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