Just Finished Deuteronomy

If someone were to ask me, “Hey Betty! What’s the book of Deuteronomy about?” This is what I would say:

Well, it’s a sort of peace treaty between God and the nation of Israel. He will be faithful to uphold his end of the treaty (land and descendants) even if they don’t hold up their end, but there will be ramifications for treason against him.

During the first 30 chapters God is building on the laws he commanded them in a previous interaction/book. He tells them the key to everything: Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. All the specific laws that are recorded, are simply the “HOW” to do that. The commandments are centered on the heart and in wisdom, and cover topics including but not limited to:

  • economics
  • family & sexual relationships
  • religious observances
  • leadership
  • justice
  • guidance
  • food
  • poverty
  • warfare

I loved reading about all these commands, because it reminded me how beautifully wise and brilliant our God is, and its focus on the heart motivated me to increase my affections for God NOT just my knowledge of God.

Within this “treaty”, a couple of things are made VERY clear .

1.) God is simply THE BEST. He has power over every enemy and he is absolutely perfect!

2.) God cares DEEPLY about the hearts of his people. I circled “heart” “love/loving”& “joy” SO many times while reading-it was awesome.

3.) God calls us to constantly REMEMBER. There is a HUGE emphasis placed on REMEMBERING what God has done. Do whatever you have to to constantly REMEMBER his work and his promises!

I know this is short post, but I guess my encouragement to you is that God is perfectly faithful-trust Him. God cares about your heart-love Him. And remembering God’s goodness will change you-remember His works!

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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