English Camp Message Outline: Day…um…5 :)


Thursday: ONE LIFE

How many of you are athletes here? On the count of three in English, yell as loud as you can, your favorite sport to play. 1, 2, 3- _______. Oh. There were some good ones. Great. I heard, a lot of “football/soccer”. Now if it is really important to you to be a great soccer player, if you absolutely love the sport-that changes your life, right. You can be very disciplined, right? Like you wouldn’t eat too much junk food, you would make sure you sleeping enough, and stretching, and exercising a lot and practicing soccer ALL THE TIME. Right? Right. Because when something is really important to you-it is worth disciplining yourself for!

Well today we are going to talk about that very concept, but how it relates to being a believer. Our sentence for today is: To glorify God with our ONE LIFE, we must DISCIPLINE ourselves for GODLINESS.


Let’s go over all the phrases:

  • The whole Bible agrees, our God is the ONLY GOD and our God is an AWESOME GOD.
  • Our ONE PASSION should be the same as GOD’S and that is for his GLORY.
  • Out of his great LOVE for us, God mercifully sent JESUS CHRIST to be our ONE SAVIOR.
  • The ONE DECISION to be part of God’s FAMILY changes our entire IDENTITY.
  • To glorify God with our ONE LIFE, we must DISCIPLINE ourselves for GODLINESS.

Now I didn’t just come up with this idea-it comes straight from the Bible. 1 Timothy 4:7 & 8

So it says discipline (or train) yourself for godliness, and that godliness is important.

Tonight we are going to talk about WHY you should train yourself for godliness through spiritual disciplines like PRAYER and READING THE BIBLE, and then some practical ways HOW to train yourself for Godliness?

  • First, why?
    • Why it is important to be spiritually disciplined? I have three points for you today #1-TO BETTER KNOW GOD.
      • (Pretend phone call) [ Barack Obama wants to get to know me and for me to get to know him-he wants to be friends! He is willing to meet WHENVER-he’ll ALWAYS move his ENTIRE schedule around for me!.
      • Gee I’m really busy Mr. President…
        • You’d say: “Betty, you’re an idiot!”
      • He gives WISDOM. He’s a BIG DEAL-he can speak into your life!
        • Think about that with God.
          • You can get to know THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE! AT ANY TIME. TO TALK ABOUT ANYTHING! And we don’t make time? Or we forget to pray or read the Bible?
            • We forget who God really is!
          • Why it is important to be spiritually disciplined/to train yourself for godliness? #2– to become more like God. My mom always said: you become what you hang around. Hang around God-be more godly! God wants us to be like him, “Be Holy for I am Holy”
            • Story about Teenie and I talking like German English now! Or worse…Canadian English!
            • When you hear it all the time, you naturally pick it up!
            • This is why you should practice spiritual disciplines. The more you surround yourself with God-the more you will sound like him!
              • You discipline yourself to do spiritual things so that you look/sound more like God!
                • This will help in relationships; with problems arise if you have been reading your Bible-the Holy Spirit can bring a verse to your memory to help you
                • This can help with anxiety; if you have been praying; you know that you have already told Jesus the problem and HE will solve it!
              • It is easier to float away from being like God
                • The world is like a current and we have to swim upstream!
                • If you do not put forth the effort to get to know God and spend time with him-you WILL FLOAT away from him!
                • So discipline yourself for godliness
              • Why it is important to be spiritually disciplined: to DELIGHT in God.
                • BUT DON’T THINK OF DISCPLINES as “uhhhhgg” I HAVE to read the Bible and pray :/. Remember-God is a PERSON
                • Hard work, but in the end…
                  • DELIGHT not duty or drudgery- a relationship with GOD! Not a “checklist”
                • Anniek will come and share about his times of
  • Recap main points. To train ourselves for godliness will help us to know God more, become like God more, and delight in God more.
  • So…HOW do we do that? How do we “train in godliness”?
    • Well, there are things in the Bible-activities given to God to help believers look more and more like God.-these are what I am calling SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES.
    • The two biggest ones (that I will focus on tonight) are reading the Bible and praying.
      • But the Bible also mentions worship, evangelism, serving, stewardship, fasting, meditating on God, journaling, and learning.
        • They are all wonderful to do, practice them all, and feel free do what you love, you’re spending time with your Best friend!
        • It may be different for everyone: Meditating on Scripture in the forest…! For me, I love to study, so looking up words in my concordance and listing them and praying-I LOVE! I
      • Practical Tips
        • Read your Bible: Do it at the same time every day! Make it routine or habit-just like anything else. Brush your teeth, wash your faith, READ YOUR BIBLE
        • You don’t just do ONE thing your whole life and it always works…there are ups and downs! So when one thing isn’t working anymore because your schedule changes, or something-do something new
          • NEVER go to sleep without reading your Bible…even if it was just a few verses
          • No Bible-no breakfast
          • Bible reading “nook” J
          • Have a reading plan!
            • The Bible App on your phone
          • Accountability partner
            • Dating; don’t call/talk at night until you’ve both spent time with God.
          • In reading-“what is God like based off of the passage” also-SOAP: scripture, observations, application, prayer
        • Prayer:
          • Find a friend to pray with you
          • Pray during routine things! Me, whenever I drive somewhere…I pray on the way and leaving. In the mornings.
          • Journal your prayers
          • ACTS: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication
          • When I shower-I “shower” God with thanks! I try not to ask for ANYTHING! It’s hard!
          • Prayer paper/journal with requests
        • It is okay to start small! 5 minutes of praying and 5 minutes of reading the Bible-10 minutes a day! You can do that!
          • You ALWAYS have 10 minutes a day! I DO! I could (almost) ALWAYS stay up 10 minutes later!
  • Conclusion: Story about being my co-workers “health coach”
    • It is one hundred little decisions that make a healthy person! Same with spiritual health!
    • Camp is a great time…easy to be “spiritually healthy” because we are singing worship, being with other believers, being taught Bible verses
      • But when you go home-you have to keep being disciplined for godliness
      • In what ways are you “spiritually unhealthy” that you need to be more disciplined?
        • What are you going to do to discipline yourself for godliness…NOT because God will love you more or less…but
      • BECAUSE…
        • ) because we have the PRIVELEDGE of getting to know God
        • ) because we will become more like God
        • And 3.) Because getting to know God and becoming more like him will become not just our DUTY, but our DELIGHT.
      • Let’s pray…

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you so much for your great love. You ARE the holy, God of the universe, yet you want to spend time with each of your children. You want to know us and you want us to know you. What a gift. I pray for all of us here tonight. That you will show us areas in our lives that we need to be more disciplined. Show us how we should know you better, and how we should become more like you. Help us to love and seek you!


I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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