English Camp Message Transcript: Day Three


Tuesday: One Savior

Small talk intro…something about the day…Mention that they can (and are highly encouraged to!) write in their journal during my message!

[PRAY] Dear Heavenly Father, Clarity. Translator: Fabi. Holy Spirit! And all God’s people said…AMEN!

Okay, first, let’s do like we always do and review!  so Day One we talked about the important truth about our ONE GOD. And that’s that “the WHOLE Bible agrees: Our God is the ONLY GOD. And our God is an AWESOME GOD.

And then we learned that this ONE GOD, and He revealed himself in the Bible that His NUMBER ONE PASSION is His Glory. And our sentence for Day 2’s theme was “Our ONE PASSION should be the same as GOD’S and that is His GLORY!” Great job! 😀 And tonight we are going to learn about the pinnacle of that passion and glory-our ONE SAVIOR Jesus Christ.

Like, someone said last night that we Americans think that Germans drive very fast, because of the autobahn; and you are correct! In fact, I must have been thinking about being in Germany while Christina and I were driving to airport a couple days ago because I was driving about 15 mph over the speed limit. It was 65 MPH, and I was going almost 80 MPH. Sure enough, I zoomed by a police car sitting on the side of the road. He came around to the window and talked to Christina and I. He told us how much we were speeding and asked where we were headed in such a hurry. I told him “the airport-we are going to Germany to teach at an English Camp” and he said, “are you late for your flight?” Christina shook her head no, because we were on time, but I said “I think that we might be!” I was stressed! We took my insurance card and registration back to his car, and I sat there KNOWING THAT I BROKE THE LAW AND THAT I DESERVED A TICKET. 100%. There was no way out of it-I deserved points on my records and a probably couple hundred dollar fine. But, you know what? The officer decided to show me MERCY. He did NOT give me a ticket. He did NOT give me what I deserved to get-he showed me mercy. When Christina and I were driving again, we started talking about all the different times we were pulled over, and she was pulled over once (for running a red light) and she thinks she SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED MERCY. But she did NOT get it. That’s not fair! That’s not just! How come I get out of a ticket, absolutely free, but she even went to court and fought her ticket, and still didn’t get shown mercy? What’s up with that, right? How many of you think I should have gotten a ticket, by show of hands? How many of you think Christina should’ve been shown mercy?

We think, in a perfect world, everyone gets the same amount of mercy, and everyone should get the same amount of justice, right? But that’s impossible! How would humans ever get the balance correct?

We want justice! Right? Like watch TV and see a crime committed on the news- you WANT that “bad guy” to be caught, right? Or if you watch a movie, and there is an evil villain-you WANT the hero to catch him and make sure he pays for his crimes, right? We LOVE when justice is served!

And it’s a good thing we love justice so much, because the God of the Bible is PERFECTLY JUST:

At the end of Deuteronomy, the day before he dies, Moses wrote a song all about God and shared it with the Israelites. In 32:3-4 he says “The Rock! His work is perfect, For all His ways are just; A God of faithfulness and without injustice, Righteous and upright is He.”

That’s awesome. God is perfect! Everything He does is just! Just means doing with is morally right and fair. That’s great news. …Umm…Great news unless you are NOT always morally good, and sometimes you deserve a punishment, but want mercy… God being perfectly just puts us in a bad spot. Because, frankly, if this were a movie, God would be the superhero, and you and I would be the evil villain. And everyone watching would see how awful, and selfish, and sinful we are-and they would want justice to be served to you and to me.

And we may think, “Gee God, can’t you just allow the bad people into heaven, with you?” or “what if they are only a little bit bad?” Well, remember what we read: the Bible says He is perfectly JUST. He is NEVER MORE wrathful or punishes HARDER than what a crime deserves-he is PERFECT in his justice. And according to the Bible the justice that we ALL deserve because of all our sins against a perfect God is eternal separation from God in a real place called hell.

Romans 3:23 says that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”…and then later in Romans 6:23, that “the wages of sin is death”. So that first verse said that everyone sins, and the second verse says that everyone who sins pays for it by sort of “spiritual death” meaning an eternal separation from God.

That is really bad news. We all have sinned. We all deserve to go to hell. But don’t worry, there is really good news too. Let’s if you look at Romans 6:23 again, you’d realized, we stopped before the verse finishes. It actually says:“ for the wages of sin is death…BUT the FREE GIFT OF GOD IS ETERNAL LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD”.

Do you understand what that means?

Remember, we talked about how AMAZING God is, and how he wants people to see him for what he truly is- the spectacular, holy God of the universe! Because HE KNOWS that when people see Him for who he TRULY is-they are most fulfilled and he wants that for us! He LOVES us! He WANTS us to have the JOY of knowing Him! He doesn’t want us to go to hell! Even though it is the JUST thing to have happen.

So, He decided, even though EVERY SINGLE human being could live and die, and go to hell and that would be 100% JUST-because he is so perfect; and we are so not, he wanted to do something about it. He wanted to make a way EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US TO BE SHOWN MERCY-He chose to also be 100% merciful. And so that we could experience his mercy, He would bring a savior—actually, he wouldn’t just BRING a savior, he Himself would BECOME the Savior.

God, in his GREAT love for mankind decided that the only way for us to be saved from his righteous JUSTICE, would be if He himself took the punishment that WE DESERVED and took it all.

Guys. This is the most beautiful truth in all the world.

Try to image what God, seated in a throne in glory looks like. He is being worshipped perfectly, being completely joyful, everything around him is perfectly beautiful. Then he decided to put himself into human form. He went from the throne to the stable, born of the virgin Mary, and lived a poor life in an unimpressive town, in an unimpressive time. He was fully God and fully man and he lived a semi-normal life, with hardworking parents, and siblings that probably picked on him, and teachers who didn’t understand him. He NEVER sinned-because he IS God-but he struggled through life—because He made himself man. He lived a perfect life, and then around the age of 30 he started explaining to people his true identity. It was mind blowing then-it still is now. The idea that the GOD CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN TO EARTH TO BE A DIRTY, LOWLIFE HUMAN? NO WAY. Yes. Why on EARTH would God do that?  He is the Holy, Infinite GOD of the universe! WHY would a GOD humble himself to that lowness? Why would he take ALL OUR SIN ON HIMSELF? Why die and tortuous, gruesome death? What’s the point? What did it DO?





Read with me Ephesians 2:4-5

So yes, the punishment for you being a sinner is hell, BUT GOD is offering you this free gift. Out of his great love and mercy. Through our ONE SAVIOR Jesus Christ.

So our sentence for today is this:

Out of his great LOVE for us, God mercifully sent JESUS CHRIST to be our ONE SAVIOR.
(repeat and fill in the blank)

PLAY CLIP (You, Sin and the Christ Simple Illustration)

God himself, Jesus Christ, has taken the punishment that we deserve for us, and now we are forgiven. If you believe that Jesus Christ was a real man, who was really also GOD, who lived and died and rose again, and you TRUST that His death on the cross GIVES YOU forgiveness FROM God-YOU ARE SAVED FROM GOD’S WRATH in hell. We are seen as 100% righteous in God’s eyes. He sees NOTHING in you to condemn you to hell, or even to punish you here on earth-NO. He sees that ALL OF YOUR SINS-past, present, and future, have been PAID for in Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross. And you can spend eternity instead, with God. That eternity will be amazing.  AND you can have a relationship with God here on earth! J. He is SO GOOD! He loves us THAT MUCH! He wants you to LOOK AT THE SAVIOR AND SEE HOW ENORMOUSLY HE LOVES YOU!

There is only one way, my friends. One way to God. One way out of hell. ONE SAVIOR. That is Jesus Christ.  The Bible says all you have to do to accept this gift of salvation from hell is to “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved”.

Out of his great LOVE for us, God mercifully sent JESUS CHRIST to be our ONE SAVIOR. Believe and be saved.

Let’s pray.

Dear God,

In your grace and mercy, please open up the eyes and hearts of campers and staff tonight. Show them how important and how incredible our ONE SAVIOR truly is. Show them truth-that they do deserve your justice. Show them your mercy and love-that you have poured out your justice on Christ-and they need only to believe in you-and then they can be your children. Show them that believing in Christ, and becoming your son or daughter is the most important decision they will ever make. Thank you for your love. Amen.

Testimony from Michael

“All I Have is Christ”

Every single salvation story is amazing. Every single one of who believes in Jesus Christ for your salvation has an AMAZING story. Because NONE of us did ANYTHING to earn God’s mercy. No matter how good or bad you are or were, we ALL are NOT perfect, and equally deserve God’s justice.

If you understand that, and you believe that God sent JESUS CHRIST as the ONE SAVIOR, so that instead of JUSTICE we get MERCY from the God who loves us…tonight is a wonderful night to join the family of God.  It is the best decision you will ever make, and I just want to encourage you to talk to some of the staff standing in the back now, or during your small group time.

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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