The Campers Have Arrived!

A few quick updates:

Well, we have officially survived the first day of camp! :). After some morning meetings, and prayer time together as a staff, the 100+ German and French 13-18 year olds arrived on our campus. It is so exciting to have them here! They liven up the place, that’s for sure 🙂

A highlight of my day was interviewing some of the campers during one of the portions of their 3 part English examine. Some were nervous to speak to a real, live American, but many were excited to share what they know with us. After the English tests we all went back to the camp hall to have dinner. We ate bread, meat, and cheese (of course-we will have this every single dinner :)) and then some sort of sweet, thick, potato pancake thing.

I learned that almost all of the campers here this week were returners, and mostly (praise the Lord!) are believers! They seem to be very willing and eager to learn about God and to worship Him.

Christina is doing so wonderfully. Her health is improving much more quickly than we originally anticipated, and we attribute all of that to your prayers and the grace of God! So thank you! I wish you all could see her-I feel like she is so “in her element” here as she connects to and ministers with German and Canadian staff in a joy-filled, energetic way!

After the “Celebration Time” this evening (when we do announcements, sing worship songs, and a message is given based on the theme of the day), there was a bon-fire lighting ceremony with torches! At the bon-fire, a group of four 13 year old girls were wonderfully eager to talk to me. They knew very little English, but together managed to communicate different little facts and stories about themselves. They were adorable! They were so proud of each English word they knew and smiled largely each time I understood what they were trying to say. They encouraged me concerning my message, and I was very thankful for their simply gratitude.

Please continue to pray for the campers and staff here at Neues Leben. Continue praying for Christina’s rest and health, and pray for my messages as well. We are very, very weak when relying on our own strength. We have no wisdom, limited patience, and self-serving love apart from the work of the Holy Spirit in us. Please pray for a continued dependence on God’s grace, and for the mind of Christ to be in us. Thank you for your care!

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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