From the Frankfurt Airport!

Christina and I have landed on German soil, and we are currently in the Frankfurt airport, sipping on Starbucks, waiting for our ride to arrive in another 2 hours or so. There is a six hour time difference, so whereas our bodies are telling us, “it’s two in the morning-you should be sleeping!” the reality is that it’s 8:00 am and time to start our (very long feeling) day 🙂

We’ve already made so many wonderful memories including befriending and praying for a fellow female short-term missionary on the plane, encouraging stewardesses that seemed to be having a rough day, talking to a Universalist, and maaaybe being pulled over for speeding on our way to the airport. But those are fun stories for another time 🙂

Christina’s health is doing very well considering the lack of sleep she had paired with her recent diagnoses of mono and bronchitis. Please pray that these few days before the campers arrive (Sunday) she is able to rest and prepare for a week of ministry and wonderful, new relationships.

Pray for me, as I will be working throughout the week to prepare each night’s lessons to speak to the campers. I am beyond excited for the opportunity, but the weight of the somber responsibility of sharing God’s word is on my heart. Pray for wisdom each day as I prepare my lessons. Pray for the Spirit to guide my words and for His wisdom in how I spend my time. I don’t know if you know this, but my incredibly social personality sometimes impedes my study/preparation time-so prayer for wisdom in time management will be a blessing! Also pray for clarity-both for me to explain well these deep truths, and for the translators to be able to understand and explain them well as well! I am SO excited to see ALL the Lord does in the coming days at Neues Leben English Camp 2015!

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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