Headed to Spain in June!

Here is a copy of a letter I am sending out about my trip this summer. I am so excited!!!!:

Dear Friend,

I want to share with you a thrilling opportunity God has given me for ministry this summer. I have been selected to be a leader of a Journey team with Lancaster Bible College. My team and I are going to Ponferrada, Spain, June 10-22 to work with missionaries Jon and Lorena Templeton. Jon and Lorena both grew up in missionary homes in Spanish speaking countries—Jon in Peru, and Lorena in Spain. I will lead alongside of Apologetics and Theology professor, Mark Farnham and currently have 8 LBC students on our team.

Spain is an incredibly needy country spiritually. The number of evangelical Christians in Spain amounts to less than .5% of the population. That is about 200,000 Christians in a country of 47 million. Spain is exceedingly secular, even though a majority of Spaniards identify themselves as Catholic.

While in Ponferrada we will be assisting the Templetons in surveying the city for their new church plant. We will also be learning about cross-cultural missions and church planting in Western Europe.  We are also planning to minister in a church in Salamanca. We hope to be able to return and raise awareness for the need for believers in Spain as the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few!

Please pray for our team, specifically for:

  1. Safety as we fly to Spain on June 11 and back to the United States on June 22.
  2. Mark and I as leaders, to train and guide well on this trip.
  3. Boldness and opportunities to share Christ everywhere we go on this trip.
  4. Unity for the team, so we will be of one mind and heart.
  5. Flexibility to adjust to an uncertain schedule and an unfamiliar culture.
  6. The ability to raise $2,900 for this trip. Western Europe is an expensive place to minister, yet we believe the need is worth the cost.

If God moves you to give toward this trip, I would be so grateful for however much or little you can give. Please donate online at www.lbc.edu/giving or use the enclosed form so that your gift can be recorded properly. Checks should be made payable to “LBC Journey Team” and can be sent to: Journey Teams, Lancaster Bible College, 901 Eden Rd., Lancaster, PA 17601-5036. I have included an envelope for you to use.

Thank you again for your care for me. I am excited to see what our triune God will do in and through us in Spain! You are a part of that ministry of the gospel as you pray.

For Christ and the World,

Betty Pompell


“Someone asked ‘Will the heathen who have never heard the Gospel be saved?’ It is more a question with me whether we-who have the Gospel and fail to give it to those who have not — can be saved.” -Charles Spurgeon

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