What Do You Have to Complain About?

(I’m going to make this short :))

Are you a believer in Jesus Christ?

Do you believe that after this life is an eternity spent with our gracious, brilliant creator who DELIGHTS in us (Zephaniah 3:17)?

In thinking about eternity, Apostle Paul said that he doesn’t think that ANY sufferings he experienced are even worth comparing to the joys that are coming to him after his time on earth is through. And just as a reminder, that’s the Apostle Paul who was stoned and left for dead, beaten with rods, whipped with 39 lashes…5 times, attacked by mobs, shipwrecked, arrested, and had some sort of “thorn in his flesh”. Yeah, he says-it’s not even worth looking at the two to see if all the pain is worth it-it all totally is. Because this life is just a breath, and eternity is going to be perfectly perfect in every way.

So think about this the next time you want to complain-John Newton about the folly of complaining once said:

“Suppose a man was going to New York to take possession of a large estate, and his [carriage] should break down a mile before he got to the city, which obliged him to walk the rest of the way; what a fool we should think him, if we saw him ringing his hands, and blubbering out all the remaining mile, “My [carriage] is broken! My [carriage] is broken!”

You have been given one measly mile to walk-say 80 years on this earth. And maybe the road is hard, but it is one mile. One mile. And after that mile, long though it may seem, you are inheriting the most incomprehensibly glorious inheritance from your Father and King.

For more, listen to: http://www.desiringgod.org/sermons/a-spectacular-and-scary-promise-assurance-suffering-and-our-great-inheritance

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I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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