Wait…I’m a Runner? When Did That Happen?

This morning was a pretty typical Tuesday. I woke up around 5:00am, picked up my friend Kelly on my way to the gym, we ran 7 hilly miles on the elliptical, stretched, chatted, stopped at Dunkin Doughnuts for coffee <3, and went back to our homes to get ready for our days.

And I love it.

I love starting my mornings early.

I love running.

(I love DD’s.) 

But today it kind of hit me, how much I delight in this training schedule I’m doing. I’m prepping for a half marathon in early March, and a full in late April, and I’m tickled by all of it.


Betty Pompell?

Likes running?

Are you as shocked as I am?

I remember a time I couldn’t run for more than 3 minutes (that is not a joke, I really couldn’t! Carrissa Oakes is my witness!). I remember a time I would have rather go down a sandpaper slide than run a mile! So how/when/why I am so pumped now to get miles under my shoes and get into that rhythm on the pavement?

Oh. That is a genuine question. I don’t really have an answer to it. I just know that I do.

And I know this: I am thankful for each opportunity I get to run. I am thankful to God, knowing that HE is the one that sustains my health and gives me the ability to wake up in the mornings, and move throughout the trail. HE is the one that keeps my feet under me and blesses me at the end of each run with endorphins and the mind and ability to stretch. HE created this beautiful world to enjoy the scenery during an outside jog. HE gave me eyes to see this world-and even its colors! HE brilliantly created technology and electronics for my days on the treadmill. It’s only because of HIS grace that I have two working ears and can hear beautiful melody lines and awesome rhythmic masterpiece on my phone while I run. And it is only because of HIM that I can experience the joy that it is to see and worship HIM, the source and sustainer of all these magnificent things!

So whether you love to run or hate to run or fall somewhere in between-you have to admit that we serve a pretty awesome God. Maybe take some time today and think about something you find happiness in, and brainstorm all the ways that God is actually responsible for that happiness. Leave me a comment below on what you come up with! I’d love to see your thoughts!

5 thoughts on “Wait…I’m a Runner? When Did That Happen?

  1. Good for you!!!! I’d really love to start being as committed to running as you are!! Sadly with school and afternoon lessons I don’t have the time….. :/
    But as soon as I graduate!!! Then my good people it’s time to be afraid!!!! 😈muhahaha

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