I Almost Didn’t Read My Bible Today-And Then It Hit Me

I was getting ready to leave this morning, and debating in my mind whether or not I wanted to spend some time reading my Bible. I had already read a puritan prayer, and listened to a short Ask Pastor John podcast, so maybe I was good for the day. If I hit the road now, I’d have some extra time to get work done, and besides I can find time tonight to read, or even if I don’t-I can just read tomorrow morning. That’s what I had decided. I have this conversation with myself all the time. I convince myself of this conclusion many a mornings!

And then while I was pulling on my sweater my elbow hit the sharp edge of my closet.

My first reaction-was painger (made up word …it’s a mixture of pain and anger). I am embarrassed to share that I literally glared at the wooden edge that afflicted me. For about 3 seconds-I was mad. Fortunately, the painger quickly passed, and my immediate thought afterwards was, “Wow. I do need to read my Bible today”. I need it today and every day. I need it because my initial reaction to things is anger. I need it because I am prone to wander. I need it because I am selfish, and forgetful. I need it because my sin nature rules me even more when I’m not in communion with Him through those pages. I need it because I don’t know God as well as I want to. I don’t want to coast through my day with a morning spiritual snack-if I want the peace, joys, and satisfaction of a Christian life-I should gleefully put the time into it. I want a buffet breakfast of fellowship with the God who loves me.It’s not motivated by guilt or obligation-reading my Bible this morning was motivated by need.

So yeah, I got started with work a little later than I would have liked to today. And no, my time in Genesis 24 & 25 wasn’t magical or life changing. But it was good to commune with the Lord. It was good to read about the kindness and the graciousness in God. It was good to be reminded of how much more of that I want in me. I hope next time I am tempted to skip out on my time with God, I think about my real needs-and I hope you do too.

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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