Monday Morning Munch No. 100 – Getting Vulnerable

Sophie Miller


Maybe because today marks post No. 100 for Monday Morning Munches, I feel insecure about posting something. I think somewhere in my brain I feel that it’s too significant a milestone to mess up with a lackluster blog that’s perhaps thrown together with human reasoning.

You see, over the last few weeks the Lord has revealed so much to me about me. Primarily that there is a disconnect between what I know in my head and what my heart believes and lives out. Major Lesson: Regardless of all my knowledge, I don’t actually know much of anything (which is why I’m fearful of posting anything on here right now). Here’s the short story:

I love theology, I love studying it and reading books about it. I love wrestling with Scriptures and listening to sermons and discussing the things of God with people smarter than me. I love learning.

The problem…

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