Remind Yourself of Truths

The first Saturday of every month I meet with some wonderful ladies for a Bible/book study. This morning was such an incredible blessing. We were able to be transparent and vulnerable, and really shared some deep heartaches with one another.

One of the conversations that came up was about how often we don’t feel God’s peace and presence throughout our day. Sometimes we spend time in the morning with our awesome God (often times we do not), but it does not seem to carry through our work day-we still feel anxious, frustrated, and peace-less. We do not want this to be the case! We are prone to wander,  prone to forget the God we love. How can we bind our wandering hearts to Him?

A practical suggestion that arose (among many!) was to choose a song, or a passage of Scripture to meditate on throughout the entire day. So instead of just reading in the mornings and forgetting what we read by dinner time, we were challenged to choose something to constantly be thinking about and chewing on throughout the day. It may be a word, phrase or concept from the passage read (or didn’t read!), or it could be a song that magnifies the truths found in Scripture. Write it on a post-it note, whiteboard, or put that song on repeat!

So I wanted to encourage you to do the same. Try and meditate on a truth about our wonderful, glorious, gracious King via something! Anything! We need to remind ourselves of truth continually! We are weak and forgetful! At least, I know I am! We need to have truth echoing through your mind and heart at every twist and turn of your day.  Because it is easy to believe the lies thrown at us (or that we tell ourselves!) so continually in our days, but we MUST train ourselves to immediately run our Source of Truth and cling to His goodness, justice, perfection, and love.

Read His word to know Him.

Obey His word to honor Him.

Believe His word to trust Him.

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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