What Not to Say to Someone Who’s Suffering-video

In response to my post yesterday that suggested “You Might be the Answer to your Own Prayer“, which is about talking to suffering people about the gospel, I’m posting this video. It was super helpful for me to listen to and think about the different reactions I have and things I say to Christians who are suffering.

I wonder how/if these three men would respond differently if the question was “to unbelievers”? What do you think? If we are talking to our atheist or agnostic friends, should our response to their suffering be the same as how we respond to believers who are suffering? Do we still remain silent, just “let them hurt” and tell them, “I don’t know how you feel. This is horrible.”? Or do we find ourselves in a glorious opportunity to share of Christ’s suffering and offer of salvation?

2 thoughts on “What Not to Say to Someone Who’s Suffering-video

  1. I don’t think they would respond differently if asked the question regarding unbelievers. They referred to their role as pastors, but I don’t think they are under the impression that every person in their care is a believer. Nor are they saying that we should just remain silent when someone is suffering – the emphasis here is that we must be careful not to minimize the pain of others. Suffering is definitely an opportunity to share the healing power of Christ, but it still needs to be approached with a humble respect that their pain is real and an honest understanding that knowing Christ will not make the suffering go away. As a believer, you WILL suffer. The difference is that Christians can also experience true joy in the very midst of deep pain. That is the truth that we want to convey to unbelievers. We must love people in their pain, believers and unbelievers. Suffering is an opportunity to rush at people with LOVE, which is Christ, but not necessarily words.

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