You Might be the Answer to Your Own Prayer

There are some people in my life that I pray for pretty consistently. And I pray for them about the most important thing I can pray for anyone about-their relationship with God. Often times I say something like this:

“Lord I care so deeply for ________, and I know you care for them even more. Please Lord, I know that they will only be whole if they stop trying to live life on their own and they run to you. I so badly want them to find purpose and joy and in you. I want to be able to talk to them about how amazing and faithful and fulfilling you are. Father, please, do whatever you have to in their life to bring them back to you. Do whatever it takes for them to see their need and find their meaning in you. Help them see the truth. I love and trust you. Amen.”

And I pray that and I mean that. But I am still surprised when it starts to happen.  We God starts to allow things in their life to unravel to show them that HE is more satisfying than anything this world has to offer. That HE is the only true love, real friend, steadfast peace, and eternal hope that they can have. But they can’t always see it on their own. Not past their own tears, confusion, and pain-they are blinded by it. So again I pray “help them see the truth”.

Then I realize that God has been preparing my heart for this. That I am not supposed to stand idely by and watch them grapple with purposelessness, but instead I need to be ready to help them see what God wants them to see. I don’t want this opportunity to come and for me to miss the role that God wants me to play in it because I am too afraid to “offend” or “make things awkward”.

I guess my point to all of this is to say, that if you have someone in your life (like I do right now) who is hurting badly, I think that you might be the answer to your own prayer. If you have been praying for them and God allows trials to come, maybe through the power of the Holy Spirit it is YOU who is supposed to be breathing truth and weaving the beauty of the gospel into the tapestry of their story. Pray for words of wisdom, the perfect mixture of love and boldness, and divine appointments to know when to be silent and when to speak to help them see the truth.

2 thoughts on “You Might be the Answer to Your Own Prayer

  1. Britney Wendel says:

    Hi Betty! I love your blog posts whenever I end up popping by! I was convicted of this about a month ago. There’s a relative who I live near now permanently and I had asked for prayer for her that she would know God’s love and come to trust Him with her brokenness. As I took my turn to pray I realized there are so few people she interacts with in any given week who know the love of God. I want to take more seriously my opportunity to love her; while in the rest that God provides, I need to look for opportunities to serve her and to be there for her. Thankfully the Holy Spirit has nudged me in specific ways toward her in the past, but I don’t need to keep putting off chances to interact until I get those strong nudges. As I begin to pray consistently(!!) for her though, God will reveal His compassion for her to me and that will also lead me to seek her out and spend time. Thanks for this post and congratulations on the new job, or at least new job title!! 😉 (Everything I’ve seen of you has always been ministering to others beautifully!)
    Britney Wendel (Alexander)
    *Hi from Canada!*

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