Healthy Body-Healthy Betty!

I love improving!

Really in anything! Intellectually through classes, seminars, or conferences. Socially-through meeting new people. I love trying new things! Growing as a musician, constructive criticism through a friend. I love reviews at work-so I can know areas that I need improvement in! I like growing, and learning, and being better! I never want to stop!

Another way that I constantly want to get better and better is in my physical health. Not to “lose weight”, “be hot!” or “get thin”-those aren’t my goals! But simply to have the healthiest body I can have for the glory of God. To be able to serve Him and long as possible! If He calls me to build houses in Ecuador when I’m 60-I want to do everything I can NOW, to make sure I’m ready then!!

So, in the spirit of the new year, here are my health related things I want to work on:

  • Be consistent in cutting out coffee drinks that are loaded with sugar (chai chargers/caramel macchiatos are the death of me!)
  • Eat more natural foods and less processed foods!
  • I want to be able to do pull-ups!  (I got a pull-up bar for Christmas!)
  • Do CARDIO (spin class!) three times a week
    • I LOVE weight lifting and strength training-so I normally just do that! Cardio is a challenge for me to do! Below is a picture of me before doing a glow in the dark 5K…there isn’t a picture afterwards because I felt awful -I hadn’t run 5k is FAR too long!

    Oh! And this is me after my Spartan Race last year! Super fun! Jumping over walls and under ropes for 5k is much more enjoyable than just a regular ol’ trail!


So that’s me! Nothing too earth shattering here-just a few simple things I want to do to be improving all the time. And if I do keep adding little good things all the time, and taking away little bad things all the time, I figure that is a really good thing! (Also, I’m up to 2 pullups! ;))

P.S. I have a “gym buddy”, and that is seriously one the best things I have ever done for my workout! Accountability is KEY!

P.P.S. Always keep your heart and mind focused and the right purposes and reasons for being healthy and working out!

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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