A Question about the Super Bowl

THIS ONESo though I’m not a huge football fan (I don’t know what a linebacker does, or how many downs does what, or the names of any NFL head coaches) I do enjoy watching the game with others, and I enjoy playing flag football as long as the temperature isn’t less than my age.

I don’t especially understand when my friends yell at the T.V. when a bad play happens. Not necessarily when an UNFAIR play/call happens-I get the frustration there…I don’t understand the anger so much when a poor play happens.  “How could you miss that field goal?!?!   IT WAS RIGHT THERE!!!” or “I CAN’T BELIEVER HE JUST DROPPED THAT BALL!!! UGG! WHY IS HE EVEN ON THE FIELD?!?!” I’m the sympathetic voice in the background saying, “It sure looked like he was trying hard. Poor guy. He is still very talented. I bet he is having a rough day. Maybe his kids are sick! Maybe he just had a fight with one of his best friends!” (Imagine me sounding like Marcell the Shell) So, come the Super Bowl, though I don’t quite understand, I will still absolutely enjoy watching the game. But that isn’t what I am normally MOST excited about.

Like many people, I looked forward to the Super Bowl because of the commercials.

They are so bizarre and entertaining-it is a great thing to look forward to! Well, that and the possibility of buffalo chicken dip. I don’t know if I’ve just become more sensitive to it over the past few years, or if it has become more of an epidemic, but holy cow…the sensuality and sinful sexuality interwoven into the Super Bowl and it’s commercials. Last year, and the year before, I felt uncomfortable many times, as for 30 seconds to a minute, I had to sit there watching a promotion of fornication or an enticement to laugh at the sins for which Christ died.

I’ll be going to a Super Bowl party, and though still looking forward to the commercials, I am also anxious about some of their provocative moments. I’ve still got a lot to look forward to (read: fellowship, and buffalo chicken dip) but am now anticipating frustration in some of what I might see.

So my question is, what are we to do? Anything? Do we look away? Change the channel? Discuss the worldview portrayed in each “Go Daddy” commercial?  Am I overreacting? Do we just “suck it up” and realize it is part of our culture? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “A Question about the Super Bowl

  1. Rebz says:

    I think that as Christians this is an issue for us no matter where we go, whether it’s the super bowl, or just an ordinary day. I’ve always felt conflicted about this. I don’t think sucking it up and ignoring it is the answer, but there is little we can do about the lifestyles of the people who make those commercials as well. I think we should feel sorrow for our fellow man who doesn’t have the hope that we have. This is why he turns to sex, and alcohol abuse, and other fleeting things for enjoyment and comfort. our response could possibly be to make certain that we are living in a way that doesn’t mirror the hopelessness that we see in our society’s media, and pray for the salvation of those who have nothing else. This obviously doesn’t encompass all of the issues with our society, but its my view on some of it…

    • bettycatherine says:

      Rebz, you are so right! This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to thinking about the question of “how to respond to the sin in culture”, but your response of love and prayer, and reminder that, “but for the grace of God-there goeth I” is a great call for all believers. Everyone is worshipping something-and it is our charge to show them the only thing truly worth their worship. Thank you for your (as always:)) wonderful thoughts!

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