When You Don’t Want to Read Your Bible



Imagine you are at your doctor’s office. You’re sitting on the edge of the table, feet dangling, freezing in your paper robe, when the doctor walks in. After a little small talk, they ask you about your health, and you go on a short monologue about your exercise routine, the amount of water you drink, your improving sleep habits (a New Year’s Resolution!) and the gummy adult multivitamins you’ve recently started taking. Hats off to you! The doctor nods, jotting all this down, seemingly pleased; then they say, “So tell me about your eating habits”. Uh oh. Eating habits? You nervously, and carefully shift around on your paper dress. “Well…I don’t eat very often. Maybe a couple times a week…sometimes a couple times a month.” The doctor peers over his paper, “Excuse me?” You go on to explain that eating takes a lot of time, and sometimes you simply can’t find time. You sometimes crave food, and really want to eat-but you’ve come to realize that drinking water, sleeping enough, exercising, and taking your  multivitamins are basically the same thing-they do what eating would do, right? That should be enough. You explain to the doctor that the longer you go without eating the less you crave it- and you really think that you function just fine eating every once in a while-when you can find the time.

The doctor, rightfully so, looks at you as if you have three heads.

“Don’t you know how essential food is to life? Not eating regularly is a major problem-you will ruin your body. You cannot function properly without food. You cannot coast through life without food! All those other things are good and necessary too, but if you are not EATING, you cannot survive. If you do not desire food-there is something very, very wrong with you physiologically. And if you desire food, but refuse not to eat-there is something very, very wrong with you psychologically. Either way-something is wrong; something needs to change.”

In this same manner-why do we go to our Great Physician-and try to convince him that we are spiritually healthy-praying, fellowshipping, discipling, attending church and church related activities, being the hands and feet, but NOT reading the Word. God’s word is essential to life! We have to know it, love it, digest it, and then live it. We cannot function properly, according to God’s word-if we are not habitually in it. It is supposed to be daily bread-not a weekly snack, or a monthly meal. As Christians-if we do not desire to read the Word-there is something wrong with us spiritually. And if we desire to read the word, but choose not to (usually because we “don’t have time”) there is something wrong with us mentally.

Pray for an increased desire, and then JUST DO IT. We need to constantly be reading God’s word. The more you read it, the more you will want to read it. It’s good like that. So, get off the computer and go dive into the Scriptures! And make an effort to do it every morning and evening! Sign up for the Bible App reading plan-it is incredibly helpful, and while you’re at it-get an accountability partner!

Also, I write this because I continually need to hear it. I foolishly put “eating” so low on the list of my priorities-and don’t even realize how much I am starving myself! I hope this convicts you as much as it convicts me-and lead us both to be “people of The Book” and to have a deeper love for the Word of God and for the God of that Word.

4 thoughts on “When You Don’t Want to Read Your Bible

  1. Thank you for writing from the heart! You are such an awesome writer! I love how easy it is to read your writings….even when they are deep issues you tackle….Thanks again Betty, for reminding me to eat ! : )

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