How to Waste Your Christmas Break

With the long Christmas break upon us I am reminded of some of the difficulties I encountered as a college student when I would go home for a month or so.  It’s hard to all of a sudden have all this freedom of time, but also such a lack of freedom being back under your parent’s regime. It’s a challenge at times, for sure. If you want your break to be meaningful and productive and wise-DO NOT FOLLOW THIS ADVICE.  Here are the TOP 5 WAYS to WASTE YOUR BREAK:

  1. Don’t Get into a Routine –At school its pretty easy to schedule in time with the Lord-you do it the same time each day. But now that you are at home; just do your devotions whenever you remember. You might not do it every day, or every week…or the entire time you are home-but hey! It’s break! Who needs a schedule?
  2. Pay More Attention to your Friends than Your Family– It is so much more important to spend all your time hearing the latest gossip from high school than helping your mom around the house, and just being with your siblings. After all, your family probably doesn’t need your love and encouragement as much as your friends do!
  3. Spend A LOT of Time on Social Media– It’s important for you to know what all your friends are doing. Spend HOURS and HOURS making sure their break is going well, and being jealous of them if it’s going too well.
  4. Just Be Plain ol’ Lazy– Remember this break is for YOU to relax and have fun! Netflix is calling! Youtube too! If you spend a bunch of your time serving and investing in your family, church, or community-how will YOU recharge? You don’t want to return from your break still tired!
  5. Leave what you Learned on Campus– Imagine you are working Part-Time at Panera’s and somebody asks you how college is going-make sure to give them a generic response like, “It’s a lot of fun” or “I’m making lots of friends.” They don’t really need to hear the impact the gospel is making in your life. Bringing Jesus into the conversation would probably be uncomfortable. So just be sure that whatever God taught you over the past semester you keep to yourself. It’s not like there are souls at stake!

This is probably the snarkiest, most sarcastic thing I have ever written! I normally don’t use/like sarcasm!  But I hope I get my point across. College students whom I love dearly (and really this can apply to anyone at any stage of life) – be wise, be intentional, and DON’T WASTE your break! Schedule a consistent time to be with the Lord, invest in your family, do things that are worthwhile, and spread the good news.

Does this resonate with you? Are these things you struggle with, or are tempted by when you go home for such a long period of time? How do you combat it?

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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