If I Were God…

If I were God I would have given up on me a long time ago. If I were God I would be so frustrated and disappointed in the fact that I forget, fail, and feign loving Him time after time after time. If I were God I would have chosen a daughter who would naturally be more consistent in praying to me, more thoughtful in honoring me, and more quick to obey me.

Good thing I’m not God.

Good thing that God is not surprised by my selfishness, or worried about my worries. Good thing that He is faithful when I am faithless, and He is gracious when I am grace-less.Good thing that the Gospel prevails over all my unbelief. Good thing my salvation is not based on my deeds, good or bad, and that His steadfast love for me does not waiver based on my behavior.  It’s a good thing that God hates my sin-and because I am His-I hate it too. I’m blessed by His example-that I don’t have to wallow in that frustration, or sit in condemnation-instead I can repent and be free. I can know that conviction is an evidence of salvation and I can choose joy and thankfulness. I can have an abundant life in Christ.  He chose me and loves me, and when I embrace that beautiful truth, there I find deep joy.

We are much worse than we think we are, and we are much more loved than we can ever imagine. If you struggle with loving yourself too much or not enough, or forgiving yourself for something-know that God does not struggle with that. Know that He longs for you to respond to his love in obedience and gratitude. Know that he wants your life (including your thought life) to be free of condemnation, pride, or guilt, and to be full of joy and purpose in serving Him. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He won’t give up on you-don’t give up on Him.


7 thoughts on “If I Were God…

  1. Reblogged this on Righteous Tree and commented:
    If I were to summarize the past 5 years of what God has been teaching me, this would be it. He is faithful even when I am proven faithless, he is true when every man is a liar, he gave his greatest gift when we were still sinners and thus we know what love is.

  2. DID YOU DRAW THAT JAMES 4:8 VERSE?! I’m in love!

    Also, this blog? Top notch. “I don’t have to wallow in that frustration, or sit in condemnation-instead I can repent and be free.” l-o-v-e.

    • I wish! But i didn’t! I try and do stuff like that, but not NEARLY as lovely as what I’ve seen YOU do! I am going to definitely buy one of yours (YOU ARE SO TALENTED!)…i just have to choose the quote I want you to do 🙂 Also we get to see each other THIS month!!! Eek! I don’t know what seminars I signed up for, ha! We’ll just have to meet up once we get there and compare schedules! We MUST find time for a coffee (or whatever beverage you drink!) date! Can’t wait! And thank you; I really felt kind of “exposed” in this post and am blessed by you as my sister echoing and understanding my heart.

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