Thanksgiving Chapel at Lancaster Bible College

Chapel at LBC was awesome today, I wish you all could have been there! It was our special Thanksgiving chapel so we had extra time worshiping through song (the team did an AWESOME job) and then one of our students from the Social Work program shared about her testimony and struggle with self-harm. She shared with our entire student body the low places she had been, but the strength and HOPE found in understanding who Jesus Christ is and what he has done so that we may live.

Near the end of the service she sang “I Know my Redeemer Lives” and there was lined up at the front of chapel about 20 students with cardboard signs with their struggles written on them. Things about being rejected, ignored, addicted, bitter, and the like. At the last chorus ( a key change of course ;)) while she sang about the fact that Christ lives to take away our shame, and how He died to bring us victory-the students in line turned over their cardboard “lies “and displayed truth on the back. Because of Christ they wrote that now they ARE accepted, freed from sin and guilt, able to forgive, able to show grace and love, and power over ANY sin and ANY burden.

It was beautiful; I had tears in my eyes. I am so blessed to call this place my college. I am continually encouraged, challenged, and strengthened through the bravery and the caliber of people here and their love for Christ. 

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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