Eating for the Glory of God During the Holiday Season

ImageReady or not, the Holiday Season has arrived! Dispersed among  the many festivities, traditions, and activities there will be MOUNDS of pumpkinny flavored treats, Christmas cookies, and heaven-in-red-Starbucks-cup drinks!

If you are anything like me, you loooooove the sugary stuff.  I enjoy both preparing and partaking in delectable desserts and scrumptious sweets . But if you are like me, you do not love the feeling your stomach gets after eating too many buckeyes, or your tongue after too many candy canes, or your pants after too many cinnamon buns.  My sugar intake in the coming weeks normally sky rockets compared to other times of the year. And I am pretty sure that the negative physical ramification of over indulging is something the LORD did purposefully to immediately remind us that we were not made to eat that way.

In light of this, I am making a conscious effort to eat for the glory of God during the Holiday Season.  

I am going to be more intentional about saying no to sweets more often than I say yes-to be a good steward of this body God has given me to serve Him with on this earth.

If this is something you struggle with each year, feel free to join with me for the next 50 days in keeping a little journal recording what I do and do not eat and drink.

  • I’m not cutting out all sweets.
  • I’m not “dieting” or working out more.
  • I’m not looking to lose weight (though if that happens, Lord knows I’ll be as happy as a clam!)

I am simply being more aware of what I eat and more deliberate/sensitive in trying to see if Christ would join me in eating another serving of kettle corn, or if I should be exercising self-control.

I’ll keep you updated on my thoughts/failures/successes…let me know about yours too!

4 thoughts on “Eating for the Glory of God During the Holiday Season

  1. YES. I’ve been praying about this same thing but you worded it so much better than I ever could! As always, I love your writing and I’m so so thankful God crossed our social media paths (lol)! You encourage me and push me to Christ more than you know!

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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