It’s Friday, Friday….

The weekend is here! What a wonderful thing! Now, it’s been a great week, but I am ready to rest and very much looking forward to having 2 days off-as I am sure you are too! So here is just a mini-challenged to spend those days well, and to not waste our time of rest.

We are a wasteful people. In almost every facet of life, it has become our second nature to be careless when we should be engaging and intentional. For…

Let me start over…

I am a wasteful person. In almost every facet of my life, I can see areas where it has become my second nature to be careless, when I SHOULD be engaging and intentional. For example, social media can be a good thing for sure! There have been days where I purposefully peruse through Pinterest’s humor section/quotes section for pictures that will brighten a friend’s day. I tweet theological quotes that inspire or challenge me, in hopes to encourage or challenge others. It is easy to encourage people constantly on Facebook with a simple “you look so beautiful!” or “I’m so thankful for  _____!” What great tools. But just like all things, if you don’t set your mind on it correctly, you will waste it. So instead, I will use Twitter as a distraction from school work, waste hours sinning covetously on Facebook, or mindlessly “relax” by being drawn into the world of materialism on Pinterest. From the outside, it might LOOK the same, but from the inside…it looks very different.

I think the same thing happens with resting during the weekend. You can rest well. You can rest with intentionality and purpose. There are weekends where I do not work, or serve, or run around-and I know the Lord is pleased, because my heart is engaged with and in tune with Him. But you can also rest purposelessly. There have been an equal (if not greater)…(okay probably greater) number of weekends that I rest poorly. I am lazy, ungrateful, and disengaging to things of God. Done correctly, a restful weekend is a beautiful time full of shalom and delight in our Triune God. Though in some ways, it may still look the same, it is actually ever so different. Tune your heart to sing God’s praise in everything you do this weekend-even in moments of relaxation.

“Sabbath is not about time off or a break in routine. It is not a mini-vacation to give us a respite so we are better prepared to go back to work. The Sabbath is far more than a diversion; it is meant to be an encounter with God’s delight.”

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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