If There is a God

If There is a God:

a short poem based off of a recent conversation with a stranger in downtown Lancaster. 


I know my life is pointless

How to end it has been sought

I long for peace, though unattainable.

I’m overwhelmed with tortuous thoughts.

I want my head to hit the pillow

And for rest to quickly come

Instead I drink this lonely heart to sleep

Numbed with coke and rum.


If there is a God- reveal yourself to me

If there is a God you know just what I need to see.

My mind is haunted with memories I long to erase.

If there is a God-please show me your  face.


Your life is far from pointless

There is so much more than what you’ve got.

With authority and purpose

Your soul long ago I’ve brought

Your head can hit your pillow

With joy and peace divine.

You ask for me to show my face,

Well seek and you shall find.


I am God- I made the sun, the sky, the seas.

I am God- I  know and love you intimately.

One day in glory will I show you my face,

Till then I give my Son, my Word, and my amazing grace.

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