A Prayer for My Future Husband’s Future Wife


Dear Lord,

I pray for my future husband’s future wife. I pray that she is fervently dedicated to being in your Word. I pray that she passionately pursues you for wisdom and constantly grows in likeness of your son. I pray she has an unshakable sense of humor, and a delight in the “everyday”. I pray that she is a woman of discipline and of character who can live your commands from Titus 2 and invest into younger women. I pray that after you dear Lord, she always puts her husband first-before herself, before her kids, before her career. I pray that others look to her as an example of how to love someone RIDICULOUSLY well, and that she has an entrancingly, deep delight in serving him. Incline her heart to hear your Spirit’s direction in how to best serve you both, and give her energy to follow it with a spring in her step. I pray that she is gentle and full of grace-but that she balances that with the strength to humbly call out sin she sees in him to make him holier in every aspect of their lives. I pray that she always delights in being beautiful to him, and that she fills him with confidence and joy. Help her to be slow to aggravation, exacerbation and judgment. Help her to be quick to repentance, compassion, and prayer. Give her the strength to always see the best in him, stay eternally focused, and forever have an encouraging word on her tongue. Bless their marriage. Keep it strong, godly, and joy-filled for your name’s sake.

Love Always,


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