Blessed Assurance!

Do you ever read Scripture, and suddenly you are afraid you are not really ‘saved’’? It doesn’t happen to me often, but the other day I was reading in Romans (5 & 6) and started to get very nervous about being “Dead to Sin”. Sin has a real presence in my life. I hate it, but it does. How can I who died to sin, live in it? Why don’t I feel dead to sin?  If I have newness of life, and am a new creation, why do I struggle with the same sin I struggled with 10 years ago? And on and on my questions came.

Until I asked myself, what does a slave to sin look like? If SIN was my master what would my life look like? I answered myself with a short list of things, and you can answer that for yourself as well. What would your life look like if sin was the commander of your life? What would change?  Then I asked myself, what does a life that is a slave to RIGHTEOUSNESS look like? And I (like you should!) took a few minutes to list some things that are direct responses in my life to obeying righteousness. I was encouraged as I looked over both lists. Encouraged that there are many ways that my life is a slave to Christ Jesus, and though far, far, far from perfect-I do not live as though sin was my master and lord.

Then I also remember, that the assurance of my salvation is a ball not in my court! I need to remind myself that I needn’t have any fear about God revoking his choice to redeem me because of my struggle with my sin nature. I do not need to be concerned for my salvation. My salvation is NOT based on my actions, what I do or do not do. It has not been earned through my good deeds, and cannot be taken because of my bad deeds. My salvation has been giving to me through the free gift of Christ, based off of HIS decision to redeem this hell-bound child, and HIS choice to make me his daughter when I was a child of wrath. I am righteous in the eyes of my creator. Because of Christ’s death on the cross, his righteousness is accredited to my account, Christ looks at me and though he should say, “Guilty!” he now says, “Innocent! Child of mine-you are an heir to my kingdom!”  My offenses are repulsive to the Lord, absolutely! Do I hate sin? Do I spend time weeping and repenting over the pain I’ve caused my Heavenly Father-absolutely! But, fear for my salvation, is something as a daughter of the King, I need NEVER do. He will NEVER leave me, nor forsake me.

“As God did not at first choose you because you were high, so he will not forsake you because you are low.” –John Flavel

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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