A Poem for my Dad

I was born someone else’s daughter.

I had a father,

don’t we all?

Though he mustn’t have known my birthday.

Because he never tried to call.

Doesn’t know what my laugh sounds like.

My heartaches

Or my dreams.

What a parental hand I was dealt

Tragic, so it seems.


But in my midst of a daddy-less life,

My wise, heavenly Father interceded.

He placed me in the strong, tender arms

of a redeemed construction worker

Whose warmth I very much needed.


I’m quick to love but slow to trust.

Could this joy be real?

Will he bring me harm when I break his laws or heart?

Will his affections he repeal ?

Will his dedication for me

and for my sanctification last throughout the night?

Or with the dawn will he move on

Another person that craves flight?


A more humble man,

You’ll never find

Dedicated to providing.

Looking constantly to the face of Christ

For his light to him be guiding.

Sacrificing daily

A servant through and through.

He loves his bride ridiculously,

And for her anything will do.


Teaching patience, kindness, and intentionality

Via reprimand and laughter-he loved me as his own.

His calloused hands held my shaking ones

His steadfastness soaked into my bones.


My dad

encourages me

in every step,

every stage,

and every way.

A righteous man

A gift from God.

Whose love I can never repay.


My earthy papa

with joy-filled eyes

points me to my heavenly one.

And when I wear white

I’ll see in both men

How they look just like the Son.


I couldn’t ask for a better Dad.

What a means of grace I see!

If I’m uncertain of God’s goodness,

I just look at how much in you, he’s given me.

Apart from salvation

And the forgiveness of my iniquities,

Having you and mom as parents

Was the best thing to happen to me.


I’m thankful for your laughter

Your sensitive, teary soul

Though daughter I was not born to you

I’ve never held a truer role.


I love you Dad.

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