Thankful for Trials


I am beginning to see more clearly the truth of trials being a blessing. Though difficult and painful-they can bring us right into the throne room of God. Uncertainty brings the need for faith, and if we to embrace that need for faith, we are ushered into His presence. Without the comforting fact that Yahweh is near to the broken hearted, I certainly would beg, “Please God, keep me from trails”. But the growth and peace that comes with said times, seems worth it to know Him more intimately. James tells us that the testing of our faith produces steadfastness. I want that! I want my affection and devotion to the Lord to be unwavering and not based on circumstance or emotion. The ultimate goal would be to feel that dependence apart from tragedy and to not need to be drawn to Him through circumstances. But I’m certainly not there yet. My steadfastness is not where I want it to be. I doubt Him and try and take matters into my own (weak and selfish) hands. I am becoming more and more conviced that I need trials in my life. I’m still so far from the woman He wants me to be.

Dear Father,
Please help me in both the bad times and the good times to grow exponentially into the image and likeness of my Lord, Jesus Christ. Help me live more intentionally for your glory and less for my own personal temporary satisfaction. The weaker I realize I am -the more dependent I am on your all-sufficient grace. I need to default my mind to you and rely on your power. I want to consistency depend on you for absolutely everything. Help me know you, love you, and live for you more deeply.

Forever Yours,

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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