Saying “No”

On my desktop I have a running list of projects from various people and departments at my place of employment who have asked me to work on something. From script outlines, to event planning, creative writing, contacting people, and organizing information-there is a bit of everything on that excel document. Why? Because I can’t say no. I think Andy Stanley hit the nail on the head when he explains that “often the reason we won’t say no is that we are afraid. We fear disappointing people. We fear being passed by. We fear missing out on a good opportunity” . I know these are my thoughts. “I can do this!” i think, “This is my chance to do something great!” or, “I don’t want to let _______ down; no one else has time to do it”. Sometimes these thoughts are valid, but many times, I need to put my pride to death and explain why I can’t/shouldn’t do something. I need to believe the truth that “Refusing to say no eventually robs a leader of his ultimate opportunity–the opportunity to play to his strengths”.

But what if many of these opportunities ARE playing to my strengths? When is okay to keep on saying yes, thinking one of these moments may be your “Goliath” moment?

I think the answer to this question (and many questions like it) is simple: pray. Only through prayer can you quit the addiction of believing “I can do all things through myself who strengthens me” and cling to the promises of the fact that our High King has equipped you with many gifts! He will allow the Holy Spirit to deliver you peace when you wrestle with figuring out how and when to use them.

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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