Bit o’ Gospel

GospelAs we step into the first few pages of the Pentateuch we see 3 main theological themes: Creation-the Triune God, whilst needing nothing, creates everything for his glory and his name’s sake; Fall of Man-the very creatures made in God’s image rebel against Him and chose a life of sin; and the Curse-there are necessary ramifications for those sins, and the once perfected beings’ resemblance to God is now horrifically defaced, though not altogether erased. Each of these three points we see play out in our ministries on a daily basis. Because of his magnificent grace, God chose to create us as creators! Each time a song is written, a sermon is crafted, or a child is taught, it is because our Father first created, our Father first crafted, and our Father first taught. So we must not become prideful in our creativity for it is only because God first created and made us in His own image. The relationship between the fall/curse is the different side to the same coin.  In ministry we fall; we fail; we run amuck; we run away. We are selfish and prideful, pain-filled and sin-seeking. This should come as no surprise. For though we are covered by grace, we are still sin soaked to the bone because of the first Adam. We need to be proactive to this reality, keeping our brothers and sisters accountable and constantly readjusting our focus to the work of the cross. We also must not forget that the cross nor the resurrection is the final pinnacle of our faith- He is returning soon to finish what He started on Golgotha. And on that day ever knee will bow in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth. This is the good news of our reigning, righteous King. Amen!

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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