Should I be a health nut?

I have many weaknesses. One of them is my lack of discipline. Lacking discipline makes me rotten at lots of things in life.

               Image   Taking good care of my body, and making wise, selfless decisions concerning my eating habits has been a difficulty all my life. I have often tried to conquer it, but with no avail. I want to be a godly woman who is passionate about the spiritual importance of taking every day to exercise, and who understands that I don’t want to lose weight to “look good” or “be thin” but so that I can live as long as possible to serve Him actively. I would love to speak  passionately and biblically about getting proper amounts of sleep. Especially just coming out of college, where seven hours of sleep is a sweet and rare commodity, and McDonalds runs and late night espresso shots are a must, trying to rewire my mind to be disciplined for Christ is proving to be a challenge. But up to the challenge I am! I joined a gym recently and prayer for focus and that’s right, DISCIPLE,  for the glory of God, to dedicate not just my mind but my body to the service of our High King.

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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