Salvation Story

One of my favorite classes I ever took at LBC was called “Pastoral Epistles” with Dr. Johnny Miller. I loved pouring through 1st and 2nd Timothy and Titus. I vividly remember studying for my final after midnight breakfast in the ODC thinking while pouring over my notes, “This is worship”. I wanted to breakout in the doxology at the end of every class, and the 3 hours each week would fly by as I thought, “amen, amen, amen!”.

I remember one day in particular where in the middle of a monologue Dr. Miller stopped and pointed around at the class, “Someone, tell me your salvation story.” He made eye contact with a young man in the 3rd row. “You, tell me your story”. He adjusted his posture and sheepishly said something along the lines of “Oh, its really kind of boring. I, uh, grew up in a Christian home, have good godly parents, said the prayer of salvation when I was four”. He chuckled, “Nothing really exciting, sorry.” Dr. Miller said not a word as he walked back to the center of the room and held onto the wooden podium there. He began to tell his story of salvation, explaining how he ran from Christ until the age of 30. He told how when his children were born his constant prayer for them is that they would come to know Christ at a young age. That they would not have to feel the separation that he felt. Save them from the painful years apart from God, yearning for peace, yet unable to attain it. He looked at our class, “Young people,” he said, “crossing the line of faith at a young age is one of the biggest means of grace God can bestow upon his child.” He started to cry. “Please, please, do not belittle this precious gift. Please understand that the story of a child’s repentance is one of the most beautiful ones that can ever be told.” He wiped the tear off his cheek and said, “I’m sorry…it’s just that my salvation is so dear to me.”

Those words continue to echo in my head. As I think about how often I lack gratitude and understanding for the enormity that is my salvation. I urge you not to downplay the significance of God choosing you to be his child, allowing you to know Him, and sustaining you to grow in Him.

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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